Baby Brain: Week 5, Day 3 (242 Days to Go)

Well, I can’t sleep in. That’s an annoying by-product of this being pregnant gig.

I’ve been woken at 3 a.m. (I know, it’s just the start) by my breasts aching SO bad. They don’t hurt that bad during the day (sore, but not in a way that makes me concentrate on that). But at night, man, all of a sudden if I want to relax, they DON’T. Sign of things to come…

I started reading a blog that a friend from work writes awhile ago and she is pregnant too, due in August. She’s been keeping this great blog (read it here) about her pregnancy experience, and I thought GREAT idea. So, here’s mine.

Went to dinner last night at Joe’s Garage (per normal) and Jon’s parents – Karen and John – as well as Rick (Jon’s brother) and Jen (Rick’s girlfriend) and my Mom and Dad, met us. It was great — the not drinking wasn’t awful, but I HAVE realized that asking a waitress to bring you eight cups of water in your sitting may be reason to leave a better-than-average tip.

By now, we’ve told our families and they all know that we’re expecting a baby (holy crap!) in October. But, I haven’t been on the ‘let’s tell EVERYONE’ bandwagon, I guess. It’s still SUPER early and I haven’t been to the doctor. Frankly, I’m nervous. Something could be not-right (though I don’t think that’ll be the case) and I just am not even looking or feeling pregnant. My Mom I feel like sort of pressured me into telling the news to Annette and her parents. I don’t mind, I know she’s excited. BUT, it’s SO early. And, I don’t really know what to say back. Maybe that’s it. I just don’t know what to say. Either way, definitely need to talk with her about that.

That’s right, one major symptom I’m having is this incredible thirst. I literally drank SIX liters of water driving the 4 hours from Indianapolis to home on Thursday. I mean, SIX. I feel kind of like a dog — I’ll take water from anywhere (including, most recently and conveniently, the bathroom faucet).

The big news this week is that we got the house! It’ll be ours sometime late March/early April, assuming all goes well (which it sounds like it will). I spoke with my lender yesterday and Karen has been great guiding me through the whole process. Lots of changes coming in one fell swoop — but I’ve never been more ready for it!

I feel like my whole life is coming together, finally. Job: check. Man: check. Baby (on the way): check. Obviously, the marriage thing isn’t checked off yet. It’s been a point of conversation, and it’s not that Jon and I are not committed to one another…seems like we both may just want to manage the rest of these changes effectively, then navigate marriage. Plus, a house and baby will be a huge money drain and a wedding only exacerbates that fact. Anyway — that’s that on the marriage front. For now, at least.

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