Week 6

Ha ha!

I’m halfway…to being through the first trimester of this pregnancy!

Had a brief moment of scary vomit-is-ness yesterday morning on the way to an account. Had to pullover in a parking lot as I battled traffic, and when the cool air hit me, I was fine. But, that was not a fun experience. Have admittedly not felt great from time to time…but not nauseous so much as just an unsettled stomach. However, the dizziness returned today and that was not fun at all. All I can think about when the dizziness sets in is not tipping over, which makes my brain become, well, not my own, or so it seems.

So, herewith, some of the things that I’ll try to remember (I swear) to keep track of each week as things progress…

Symptoms: Dizziness, generaly ickiness (not nauseous per se). All of a sudden, very tired. Was blaming travel, homework, classes — but I think it’s a symptom. I don’t hate sleep, so that works for me.

Clothes: Mine fit…actually, mine that are a size smaller than normal fit right now. That will not be lasting much longer, but the lack of pop and beer and alcohol in my diet has worked for me lately.

Complexion: Weird zits popping up intermittently. Nothing more than annoying.

Cravings: Nope. Well, water. I’m incredibly thirsty.

Size: Mine, I’m not disclosing. Allegedly the baby is the size of a sweet pea this week. As mentioned above, my pants fit and all is well in the world.

Who Knows: Family, some friends. No one at work. I disclosed that we got the house (insepction was today!) but haven’t let loose the baby news. No need yet. Six more weeks before I feel comfortable sharing this still-delicate news with work folks.

Aversions: None yet, other than a real lack of enthusiasm over these pre-natal vitamins. I mean, I think they’re what cause most of my unsettled stomach anyway.

Jon: Great! I haven’t said this to him, but I really feel like he’s stepped up in the little ways you hope for. The waiting up for me to get home from travel last night, meeting me at the car and helping carry stuff in, telling me my legs aren’t broken when I ask (guilt) him into doing/getting things for me. In a really great place right now — so much change for both of us on the horizon. He’s my for better-or-worse man and it’s only looking better from here!

Until the next free moment!

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