If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away…

Well, I had to run an errand to get printer paper so I could get work done this morning. I have to head to Grand Rapids this afternoon for a few hours of work-related trade show stuff, then book club tonight.

But…as I pulled into the parking space at the store, this song came on the radio, by Justin Moore. It’s called “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away”. Let me tell you, me and my makeup sat there and let tears ruin us.

I have been thinking a lot lately, and was going to write about it in my last post, about how I want to make sure that I capture my grandparents and the people who aren’t a part of my living, breathing life anymore as part of the story my baby will know. And then, this song came on and I CRIED and was sad. It was hard, losing my Grandma and Grandpa Thick at the same time five years ago. And my Grandpa Carrell, we lost him to Alzheimer’s long before he died. And my Grandpa Carpenter — I feel totally jipped. This baby will have missed him by just 10 months. And my Grandpa VanAarle, today is actually the six-year anniversary of the day he passed away.

Really, there are so many people who will love this baby in the here and now. But, I can’t help but be so sad that the folks I loved so deeply and were such a big part of my life won’t know my child. Instead of dwell on the sad parts, I’m hoping to intermittently sprinkle in stories about those people here, so that I capture my favorite memories and can share them as time goes on.

Have a listen to the song. It’s my new favorite.


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