The Little Red Chair

So, baby’s first gift was from Grandma Carpenter (the baby’s Grandma Carpenter, not mine). That’s weird. And, we’re also working on different names than ‘Grandma’. I had four Grandma’s, I feel like I get to have Grandma’s, my kids will have to call theirs something different. Selfish, yes. But also, creative.

Anyway, so two days after peeing on a stick, two+ weeks ago, I told my Mom she was going to be a Grandma.

We happened to be on our way shopping at that point. We hit up HomeGoods (where we’re about to head again this afternoon) and what did she find? A little red chair, that matches the reading chair in her bedroom.

Too. Freaking. Cute.

The little red chair, baby's first gift, courtesy of Grandma Wendy

Anyway, my Mom wants it at her house. Ultimately, she’ll own it. But for now, it’s too cute in the living room at Jon’s house, so that’s where we’re letting it live. It’s just the right size for little people!!

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