Throwing Up

Well, I can no longer say that I haven’t had the morning sickness.

I mean, really, body, that’s the way you want to let me know that something’s different?

Yesterday morning, I was just out of the shower and getting ready to head to breakfast and the movies with Molly. And all of a sudden, I had a squeamish feeling in my belly and–headed to the bathroom and up came the yogurt and strawberries I’d eaten for breakfast. At least it didn’t smell awful, I guess.

Jon high-five’ed me as I reported what had happened. I laughed, because that’s how we are, but I didn’t know if I should be mad. I’ve decided not to be.

Yeah, awesome.

Today, I swear, my stomach was a bottomless pitt. Kind of like when you’re hungover and the only thing that makes you feel better is greasy, heavy food on your stomach. Like that, except I wasn’t hungover. So, I had oatmeal for breakfast. Two hours later (I slept in) it was lunch time. And I had a chicken breast, broccoli and long grain and wild rice (ok, I’m doing good and healthy thus far). Then, I headed out shopping with my Mom and Kathy. And I took a Fiber One bar with me. Two actually. But one, I ate on the way. Ok…that was ok. So far so good. Only about 850 calories in. But. All of a sudden, I was queasy. The only thing I could do was ask to grab a McDonald’s McChicken sandwich. That’s 360 calories. Ok, I’m at 1210 calories, if my math is right. And then, Chili’s Buffalo Chicken Salad for dinner. Which was probably thousands of calories. And lots of water.

I guess the day wasn’t a total bust. I didn’t eat tons, really. But it felt like it. And now, I feel just STUFFED.

Tomorrow, I hit the road for work for a few days and have to be prepared. Pop-Tarts and Fiber One bars are my friend. Probably should stop and grab some grapes. Those seem to really do the trick — the sugar in them and the easy eating make them a super good eat-while-driving treat. And, they’re not unhealthy.

But, fear of gaining tons of weight looms over me. Need to do a better job of planning things out, I think.

Here’s to planning…

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