The Bottomless Pit

Ok, so seriously, again today?

Why am I so damn hungry? I must not be eating right. I should not be this hungry at this point. It must be just me and the way I am.

Anyway, I’ve reined it in today. I’m taking control of this hunger. And making it my bitch.

Water is the answer.

I’ve decided that it’s not that I’m hungry, actually. It’s that my stomach is unsettled (nauseous, whatever. You say potato, I say potatoe).

In the meantime of writing this, however, Jon called to say he’s getting Qdoba for dinner.


I did buy a pregnancy yoga DVD yesterday. Going to see if it’s different than real yoga. I feel scared to workout for some reason. I know it’s silly. I MUST get over that. Well, scared and working out outside holds none of my interest. I mean, it’s 32 degrees (better than other days). I’m not going outside.

Other than that, feel great today. Just can’t get over-hungry or be without water. Both seem to be a recipe for ickyness.

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