First Doctor (er, Nurse) Appointment

So, today I went to the doctor’s office for my first appointment with the intake nurse.

Ok, this is where I go off on the status of health care in our country right now. In Naperville, at the family doctor I LOVED, everything was done on computer, I never filled out paperwork, per se, other than initial forms for my insurance, and the doctor never carried paper with her, nor did the nurses. Everything was done on the computer. All my medical history, notes, prescriptions were written and sent to the pharmacy of my choice all from the computer in each exam room.

So, I go to this appointment today and there is no computer anywhere, the nurse fills out – BY HAND – all of the information that she’s asking of me (really, can’t I fill this shit out and just hand it in?!). And I JUST WAS ASKED ALL THESE QUESTIONS within a year by my other doctor. Like they can’t share all that data?? Doesn’t that seem to make better sense for everybody?! Seriously.

Ok, so, the appointment was not exciting, that’s what it comes down to. Jon was going to go, until my friends who are a few months ahead of me in the expecting-department, said that the nurse appointment was uneventful at best (that is an over-description). So, Jon stayed home, much to his relief. He says he only wants to go when there are pictures being taken. More power to him.

Anyway, she asked me all sorts of questions, gave me a goody bag/parting gift. In the bag she gave me, she seemed really excited and pointed out the magazine that shows pictures of the baby’s development at each month. I told her ‘oh, the Pampers app for iPad has a really cool week-by-week thing’. I felt a little bad bursting her bubble, but I also thought — your magazine is about as antiquated as the way you write prescriptions!! Oh, I got a prescription for prenatal vitamins. I tried to squirrel my way out of taking them — ‘they make me nauseous’ — but it didn’t work. She just assured me that everyone says that. Hmmm…weird. As my Mom said, it’s probably not the vitamins making you nauseous.

On the weight side of things, I’ve gained 2.4 pounds since I was at my doctor’s office 3 weeks ago (or whenver that was). Not too shabby. I’m about halfway through the first trimester and they say to expect to gain about 5 pounds during this time.

I’m really trying to eat healthy — I did have pizza for lunch, but had bran cereal and lots of fruit throughout the rest of the day and a pasta and sauce dinner. Yeah, carb heavy, but what else is new?

Anyway — need to post a Week 7 update. Doing that…now.

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