Week 7 Status Update

Ok, I’m a day late. BUT. I’m now past the 7 week mark.

Symptoms: Nauseous. Threw up last weekend and feel like I could at a lot of other times. Feel like my strong intestinal fortitude is really serving me well.

Clothes: Still fit. Noticed a few work pants getting a little snug at the middle, but nothing big. I DID order a BellaBand through doulashop.com and haven’t had to use it yet.

Complexion: Looking pretty good, if I say so. Have to say I’m sort of jealous of tan people as I would love a quick trip to some sunlight in a tanning bed. Even though I haven’t been in a tanning bed in two years. But, the things you can’t have you want the most.

Cravings: Water and fresh fruit. Fresh things. And, when my tummy is unsettled, I really, really want greasy hangover food. I seriously feel like I’ve got hangover stomach, where you are STARVING but nothing sounds good.

Size: Same. Baby — I think we’re up to a blueberry this week. My boobs: much larger. Jon commented ‘look at the size of those things’ which I guess I’m taking as a compliment.

Who Knows: Still just family and friends. Haven’t said anything at work and really don’t want to. Want to talk to the doctor first. Still feels very surreal to me anyway.

Aversions: Pre-natal vitamins. I skipped yesterday because I couldn’t even stomach the THOUGHT of swallowing them. But, I’ll get on the vitamin horse tonight and see what happens.

Jon: Great. He’s been laid off, which stinks, but he’s in general supportive and I appreciate that. We’re in a really good place as a duo-couple-parents in the making, so I’m really, really content with that.

Gender: Had a dream last night — very vivid — and I now have thought for three days ‘girl’. But Jon thinks ‘boy’. His Dad thinks girl. We shall see. Only 13 short weeks til we’ll know for sure.

MBA: Only 12 weeks to go until I’m done! I’m exhausted and hate thinking of it, but just want it done!!

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