Uck to the Weekend

So, the weekend was terrible. Not in a way that had much to do with anything other than feeling LIKE CRAP.

I seriously found myself understanding why people would choose to never be pregnant more than once. I wasn’t sick — which might have been better — but I just felt ucky. I laid around on the couch for the better part of Saturday & Sunday, which I’m SURE sounds lovely, but when you’re trying to complete your MBA online and travel throughout the week and find yourself otherwise exhausted, wasting the weekend away doesn’t really work out that well.

I got my first week of MBA Statistics-Applied-Quantitative something class completed last night, though. So that was good.

Jon commented last night when I talked to him on the phone (I’m back in the Chicagoland for the week) that he could tell I’d felt better Monday morning because I’d picked up around the house. I have been SUCH a slug (by the way, why didn’t Jon pick up if he saw that I wasn’t and wasn’t feeling well?? boys.). I feel a little bit bad that Jon noticed. But only a little bit. He’s going to have to learn to pick up the slack 😉


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