Best & Friends

Lots of my friends find themselves pregnant at this moment. Well, all my friends, actually. It’s kind of fun to think that maybe our kids will grow up and be able to have each other as friends.

I talked to one of my best friends, Jessica, today. She’s due with her third little girl in about three weeks or so. It’s great to have someone who’s gone through it, who’s pretty honest about the whole thing, who understands me and my personality.

We got to talking today and were laughing — I was laughing so hard. I haven’t laughed THAT hard in TOO long. I mean, my belly hurt I was laughing. Topic of conversation? Jay said that she no longer judged mothers for their behavior because you never know what happened in the car on the way to wherever it was you were thinking of judging a mother. As she said this, we reminisced about freshman year in high school when we managed to miss the bus to the basketball game…and my Mom drove us like a bat out of hell to Flushing High School so we would make the game in time. I don’t know, it was a funny story (in hindsight) and we got a good laugh out of that. As Jay said, though, she no longer judges a mother on how she’s handling her kids because you just never know what happened in the car. True. Put that on the list of things to remember.

Anyway, even though she lives thousands of miles away (along with a good contingent of my friends who are also preggers), it’s just this huge comfort to know she’s there, that we’re going through something similar in our lives and I’m really looking forward to giving our kids the chance to be friends, too.


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