The Opposite of Morning

Well, last night I did NOT puke. I also did NOT take the prenatal vitamins I’ve been taking. And I didn’t puke. Didn’t feel the greatest, but at least what I put into my body stayed there…

The two nights previous to that, though, I took the good ol’ prenantal vitamin and within an hour (because I hadn’t fallen asleep yet) I was up and heaving over the toilet something resembling bad orange juice. Not a pleasant experience.

First official doctor’s appointment is today. Here’s what I’m hoping for: that I’ve somehow lost the 2.4 pounds that I had gained at the last visit (not eating as crappy of food, some moderate exercise most days of the week); that I get a picture to take home and post on my little blog; that I get to hear a heartbeat; that Jon opts to go with me and doesn’t become EXTREMELY uncomfortable when he finds out what actually happens at the gynecologist. Actually – wait – that part could be quite entertaining.

Good to be back in Clio and with Jon. He had a work meeting last night, so he stopped and got me an ice cream sundae from McDonalds. That was the first sweet treat I’d had in a little while and it was delicious!

Not much else new. Evidently the fetus (it’s now no longer an embryo and is, in fact, a fetus) is now the size of a green olive and actually looks like a baby. Which is weird to contemplate on a variety of levels.

Anyway – it’s to work I need to pay attention until the afternoon. More then!


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