Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad, not the mini Mason’s Dad.

It’s his birthday today, but man did he and Aunt Jill, Uncle Mike, my Mom and Jon party it up on Saturday. I went shopping with Andrea in Canton (a story for another post) and got back into town at about 5 or so. At that point, Jon was already recruited into the abyss that is Jaeger bombs. Had a great time laughing at them and watching them polish off about two fifths of Jaeger, which did not look appetizing to me at all.

My Dad made a FABULOUS dinner of grilled chicken and rice with veggies and it was EXACTLY what I had been craving. Yum!

Anyway, the funniest thing may have come yesterday when Jon and I were laying around at the house and I commented that I couldn’t believe how many shots he had done the night before. His response, “I was kind of hoping that since you couldn’t drink for nine months, neither could I.” Funny, that never crossed my mind (seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me).



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