The Anti-Climatic Week

So, last week was the first doctor appointment with Dr. Neubeck and the closing date for our new pad.

Well, Thursday afternoon Jon and I headed for what may have been one of the least comfortable moments of his life thus far, when he sat in the exam room with me for a pap smear and ultrasound. He came through with flying colors, but I think everywhere he looked there was a picture of a woman’s reproductive system, boobs, or metal tools that look more torturous than anything else (I agree about that one).

Anyway, the doctor was great, we were both really comfortable with him. The ultrasound went well, though the thing looks like a blob. I thought it would at least look like a little tiny fetus, but it’s just a blob. But, it’s a healthy blob with a healthy yolk sac, so I’m a happy camper. Other than the blob only measured eight weeks last Thursday, so that set me back a week and a day compared to what I initially thought I was at. This process is taking longer already and it’s just the beginning!! What the heck.We did get to see the little flashing heartbeat, but couldn’t hear it yet. The doctor is going to do another ultrasound for free next visit so we can get real pictures of the blob (I’m hoping it’ll look more like a fetus at that point). So, all good stuff. Doctor’s words: You’re a healthy young woman, your baby is healthy, you’ll likely have a healthy baby. Ok, next.

That would be closing on the house. That was set for Friday morning and after the chaos of not being able to move in on closing day subsided, it was anti-climatic. I felt like junk that morning, though I did get up and go for a walk, which I felt better about. Signed my life away and I now own a home and Jon and I are moving this weekend. Woo hoo!

Anyway, now it’s April 18 before we’ll see pictures of the mini-Mason. Waiting waiting patiently.

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