Gummy Flintstones

Ok, so I have not thrown up since suspending ingestion of pre-natal vitamins!

However, I haven’t ingested a vitamin since the last time I threw up, which was a week ago. The doctor on Thursday afternoon said that I could simply take Flintstones vitamins if the pre-natal’s were making me sick. So, yesterday I FINALLY purchased vitamins. And I purchased Gummy Flinstones. This morning, I took two (per the recommendation on the bottle) and thoroughly enjoyed myself while chewing them and my stomach has thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well.

I mean, how can you NOT enjoy taking vitamins like these?

I also purchased some Calcium chewable things as the doctor really stressed that calcium – 1200 milligrams – was what I needed to be getting daily. I didn’t eat those yet. I’m hoping those will be a late in the day treat, since I bought the chocolate ones (why WOULDN’T you buy the chocolate ones??).

You know why you wouldn’t? Because I looked in the mirror this morning and saw the ridiculous size of my arms and immediately dropped and did 25 push ups. Perhaps I’ll need to do 25 more tonight. Or even 75 to bring it to 100 push ups for the day. I mean, my arms have been a problem spot in my own mind for awhile now, but this morning, that full length mirror in the hotel bathroom just did me NO favors. So, it was push ups and squats before I got dressed.

Anyway, this was to be about the gummy vitamins. I highly recommend them. And I won’t feel guilty because I am still getting well over the daily recommended dosage for all vitamins I’m supposed to have. And they don’t make me puke.


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