Dinner with the Garrison’s

Last night I was in Indianapolis for work and met up with my dearest partner in crime from college, Andy Garrison and his family. His wife Sarah and their son James (17 months) picked me up at the hotel and we hit up Boulder Creek (I think that’s what it’s called) in Brownsburg. Great food and even better company!

James is absolutely too cute and it was fun to have a little guy around and watch/see what the having a little person with you all the time is about.

Sarah is pregnant and they are expecting another boy on June 13!

It was great to be out with them and talk and catch up. Always a good time with the Garrisons!

I had wanted a chicken and pasta dish, and I got that. But, it was a bit rich. One thing I’ve found lately is that A) I’m no longer a member of the clean plate club. For some reason, I just have no desire to finish what’s put in front of me. It’s like my appetite shrank and spread itself out over the entire day. I get hungry every two hours, I swear, but can’t finish a meal like I could just a few short weeks ago. And B) rich foods/heavy foods do not like me very much. In trying to determine what this means, I have found that it means cream sauces, spicy sauces and too many carbs. Pasta is a great idea, but my body doesn’t want it. Bread with salad is a great idea, but my body doesn’t want it.

I did manage to get in about 35 minutes worth of cardio last night after dinner, which really does make me feel better and at least settles my stomach a bit. Frankly, I have noticed a pattern that I feel better the next day/morning and my stomach is not nearly as upset if I manage to get in a walk or a bike ride the night before. Need to remember these things about what my body is telling me to save myself the pain associated with the wrong/too much foods and not enough exercise.

Anyway, anxiously awaiting the news that my friend Jessica has delivered her latest edition, Amelia. She should be here any day now!


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