Well, Moving SUCKS

It’s official, folks.

Moving SUCKS.

The house was officially ours some day a long, long time ago. Unfortunately, we did not get the keys and the go-ahead to move in until this past Saturday night.

It started with Trevor, my Mom, Jon and Ashley (Trevor’s girlfriend) driving to Naperville on Thursday night with my Dad’s truck. It morphed into Friday morning, a quick breakfast at Tangerine (Eggstasy in my neighborhood closed!) and then picking up the UHaul. It was then packing and trekking up and down three flights of stairs in the apartment building. Then it was loading and arranging (thanks, Trev!). He learned well from Uncle Mike, Jon was the right amount of muscle for the job and thank God for Mom and Ashley, because there was still a LOT left to pack when they arrived. But, we made it and after starting at 10 a.m., we were packed and on the road by 3 p.m.

Jon & Trevor muscling furniture down three filghts of stairs in Naperville. The UHaul early in the loading process - the view from Apt. #303

Made it back to Clio, parked the UHaul in Jon’s parents’ driveway and just vegged out.

Saturday was the Kappa Sigma Founders Day Ball and Trevor had invited Jon and I and my parents to attend, as well as Ashley. It was a neat event and I’m really glad that Trevor is involved in such a cool organization. I also want to point out at this juncture that I wore the Calvin Klein black dress that I bought for the Gold Gala at The Field Museum to the event and it zipped up just fine. And for the record, I was 10 weeks pregnant in this dress, on this night. Felt okay about my body that evening…although now that I look, man do my arms need a workout. That’s nothing new though. And my boobs are definitey huge and creeping up toward my chin, especially in this photo. But, other than that…felt like we looked good.

Jon & I at the Kappa Sigma Founders Day Dinner at the Sarvis Center in Flint. March 2011.

So, we unloaded EVERYTHING into the house on Sunday. It was brutal. Jon’s stuff kept trekking over from his house in town. My stuff was unloaded first. Thankfully, my Mom and Karen cleaned the bar and the kitchen really well, so at least I didn’t have to do that part, I could direct where furniture goes and then unload the kitchen. We got all the big stuff in and on Monday, it was back to work for me, but only in Ann Arbor. But, I was one tired, sore cookie after Sunday.

Jon has been GREAT — still laid off, but managing to get more done around the house during the day than I would probably manage, so that’s been a bonus.

Sorry for being remiss in updates — will try harder now that we’re beginning to settle into a new pattern!