Status Update: 10 Weeks, 4 Days

Well, I haven’t been very good at updating every week. That’s a big commitment and I’ll try better.

BUT – after the doctor set me back a week at the first appointment, I got discouraged or something weird. But, not it seems like I’m going to blink and be out of the first trimester. Woo hoo!

So, I feel great! Except that not much food sounds good other than potatoes. And not potatoes in a healthy way, but more in a french fried way or a doused-in-butter-and-sour-cream way. Oh, and cucumbers. Those sound really good these days too.

Pants: Still fit! It was weird, at the beginning I must have been super bloated (gross, I know) and didn’t realize how bad it was because pants were NOT fitting. But now, I’m back in the same size pants I’ve been in as a real person, not just a pregnant person.

Weight Gain: Don’t know, haven’t been weighing myself. I go back to the doctor on April 21 and I ‘ll know more then. At the last visit, I think I was up like 4 pounds or so. So, hopefully it hasn’t gotten much worse since then.

Exercise: Not much, unless you include moving (you should). I’ve been pretty sore (lower back, etc.) as a result of all the lifting and moving, but on the whole, my motivation has flown out the window. That, and it’s cold outside and I haven’t overcome that I hate the cold thing this winter.

Boy/Girl: Well, I’ve thought since the beginning it’d be a girl. But, I don’t really have a gut instinct or anything. I just am not sick at all and don’t feel like a little man has taken over my body, so maybe that’s why I’m assuming girl? Anyway, only 9 more weeks until we’ll know!

Nursery: Have some ideas. There have been a few fiasco-related things regarding the nursery going on (maybe a story for a different time) but found a crib at JC Penny online last night that I really liked and it’s on sale and…well, the one I want from Brookline at Buy Buy Baby is about twice as much as this crib AND for the price of the crib I LOVE, I can get one I really, really LIKE and get the entire bedroom outfit to go with it and still pay less. So, yeah, while not quite bargain shopping, I’m a big fan of the one at Penney’s right now. We’ll see. It’s early yet.

Ok, forget what else I should update, but for now, that’s what I’ve got.

More later.



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