The Diaper Bag

Well, I bought the diaper bag this weekend. Mybe, even, THE diaper bag. I feel like I’m a fickle friend when it comes to bags anyway, and something so critical to every day success with a baby seems like I’ll probably be fickle with this diaper bag thing too. Anyway, here’s what I bought:

The Coach Diaper Bag

So, I really loved this one when I found it at the outlet near to my old apartment. They had this same bag in gold, blue and white and multi-colored. Granted, this one has pink on it and if it’s a boy, well, whatever. I have to carry the bag, so while I know that it’s not about ME anymore (well, it’s ALMOST not about me anymore), I want to have a bag I want to carry that doesn’t LOOK like a diaper bag and something that will clean up well.

This one is not that leather, but it’s that stuff that cleans up really well. Oh, and I got 80% off. A friend works up at the Coach outlet and I could have used her discount, but on Saturday, it was better to just be a customer and get the 80% off on the bag I already wanted. Perfection!


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