Sleeping on the Floor

The last time I slept on the floor I was in college, and it was probably  spring break 2000 with Kathleen and the boys in Ft. Lauderdale. Sleeping in a hotel room with eight guys and another girl is different than doing it 11 years later on the empty apartment floor where your belongings USED to be.

Moved out of the apartment, but am still paying for it (tomorrow, that ends!) so I’m staying here while I’m in Chicago. However, I did not bring an air mattress (big mistake) or anything to bring comfort.

Makes me wonder how Sister Ardeth and Sister Carol slept on the floor all those years when they would visit my grandparents. I mean, they weren’t spring chickens and they slept on the floor like it was ok. I guess when you’re a nun, you’re thankful for the floor and the roof. Not that I’m not, it’s just that I’m much, much more grateful for the mattress, box spring, comfy pillows and down comforter that come in my new bedroom at my new house.

So, folks, this is the LAST time I will (willingly) sleep on a floor.


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