It’s the Sciatic, Stupid!

Well, I’ve been pretty lucky. I haven’t thrown up more than three times, the worst I’ve felt is a headache and tired. But, now, the sciatic (I assume that’s what it is, since I AM after all a doctor…no, I’m not, but I feel as though this huge pain in my ass can’t be normal).

Anywho – it goes from bad to good, though there’s always a tweak or twinge, at least in the last couple of weeks.

What I’ve read thus far says that it won’t go away while you’re pregnant – the only relief is delivering the baby. It has something to do with where the baby is sitting in the uterus and how they’re positioned and there’s just nothing you can do about it. Awesome.

Anyway, the other night it was so bad that it woke me up to have to turn over in bed, let alone try to stand up from the couch or anywhere else for that matter.

After my internet diagnosing, I have determined that swinging my legs over the edge of the bed and slowly bending and contorting myself is the best way to get up relatively pain-free. It’s a production, certainly, but it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as just committing to standing up without thinking about it. It sure feels like you should be able to see a raging bruise through the upper thigh and my full left ass cheek into my upper back. Not so much a burning as a piercing sensation with pain at most times. Ah, the things we take for granted!!

Speaking of things we take for granted, I talked to my friend Chey tonight. She is one of my most favorite people and is just a really inspiring, strong woman. She’s the head volleyball coach at Alma College, but she’s also been offered the opportunity to get her doctorate at Eastern Michigan and been offered a fellowship. It’s something she’s always wanted and perfectly suits her — but she was tentative and apprehensive it seemed as we talked. It was great to catch up with her (we were seriously arrows in the night) and I was finally able to tell her the good news about the impending arrival (that’s code for baby if you’re not up on the mushy lingo). I really think the world of Chey and was so glad to talk through our lives. Hopefully so much time doesn’t pass before we catch up again — I’m a better person when I talk with her often.

That has absolutely nothing to do with the pain in my ass, though. I’m hoping it remains manageable, but only time will tell my dear friends.


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