The Wallpaper Tumbles

Well, the new house is coming along and the wallpaper is coming down!!

Seriously, there is wallpaper in every important room and it’s AWFUL. So, on a quest to make the house start to feel like my home, our home, I started in on the wallpaper last Friday. Here was where we started (not the true before picture, but the beginning of the wallpaper coming down):


It Starts

The effort swiftly moved to this:
So, to get this far, I had washed the walls over and over and over again, thinking I’d gotten all the glue off the walls, that the paper was gone and that I was really quite a good wallpaper remover. However, my Dad stopped by the next day, and I was sorely mistaken. But, the taskmaster Scott told me exactly what to do…and with a little help from my Mom, the wallpaper succumbed to our efforts by Saturday evening!
At this point, I had to stop after my trial and error episode of tearing down wallpaper. And, it was Trevor’s birthday and we were heading to the Melting Pot. So, that’s the next post folks!



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