Officially Beyond the First Trimester!

Alright, who’s ready to celebrate with a tall Mocha Light Frappucino from Starbucks?!

That’s right, folks. I’ve successfully completed the first trimester (officially, I suppose) of this, my first pregnancy. I say ‘I suppose’ because by my count, the first trimester ought to have ended last Wednesday, a full 9 days ago. By the doctor’s count, the trimester ended yesterday. Why I’m so insistent that the medical professional does not know how to count, I’m not sure. I really do have a lot of faith and confidence in Dr. Neubeck…but I also feel like I want to use my counting method, not the doctor’s. Not that I’m in a hurry to be through the pregnancy and that I don’t anticipate enjoying this time in my life…BUT…a glass of wine does sound pretty phenomenal.

So, the doctor has said that SOME caffeine won’t kill me. So, I’m celebrating today with a Mocha Light Frappucino because, well, why not. Here is is in all it’s delicious-ness glory:

My first trimester celebration 'cocktail'

The sciatic issue has resided a bit in the last two days, I have had more energy and felt more like myself than I have in months (go figure) and in general, I’m feeling really good. I went for a walk last night from the hotel around the little shopping area and picked up a few gifts (one for Aunt Jenny, who will officially be a NURSE on May 13 and we’re celebrating that accomplishment).
I also have really been feeling as though my hair is quite lackluster. So, two nights ago I did a deep treatment mask on my hair with a conditioning mask. Felt pretty good about what that did for my hair, so I moved on last night to an oil treatment that I bought on my walking trip through the parking lots. I’m liking how my hair is improving…I guess that glow of pregnancy is not translating to my hair.
I am feeling slightly better about my face and its acne issues. I mean, there are still some RIDICULOUS zits popping up here and there, but I purchased the Jergens “Healthy Glow” face moisturizer the other day to see if I could force some fake color into my cheeks and, wa-lah (is that how you even spell that??) I feel like I have a not-fake, sun-kissed look going on and I’m enjoying it. It seems that whatever that moisturizer is is doing good things to my skin because a lot of the little blemishes and imperfections have dissipated and I just have a few trouble spots, especially on my neck/chin area. So, I’m going to concentrate my moisturizing efforts on the neck and chin areas and see what happens. Why the heck not, so far I’ve met with success.
I’m a little bit bummed, because I bought a great Groupon the other day for three microdermabrasion treatments for $99 — but it turns out that most sites recommend NOT having those treatments while pregnant. I guess because your skin is so much more sensitive and it takes your body more time to heal, they don’t recommend it at all and it’s quite painful for some women. Now, some lucky friend of mine is going to end up with three free treatments. Unless I can get the clinic to extend my expiration because it expires RIGHT before I’ll deliver (that’s still a bizarre statement to make about myself) the baby (another weird thought).
Which brings me to the big thing…this whole baby thing is still very abstract to me. I mean, don’t get me wrong AT ALL. I have wanted a baby and to be a mom for more years than I can count. I’ve dreamed about this, wanted this, wished for this (when it was completely ill-advised and I literally lived below the poverty line on my income from some internship somewhere). BUT — now it’s here and the whole idea. That there’s a person inside of my body (odd), that that person is going to continue to grow and will eventually come out (can’t even wrap my head around the logistics of that) and then, I’ll be a MOM. It’s still quite abstract.
A friend from work keeps a blog and they just found out two days ago that they’re having a girl. I think that finding out the gender helps and I also think that feeling the baby move will make it more real. Right now, the only thing that’s changing is the slow tightening of my pants around my waistline and that’s not really that big a difference. I notice a difference in my body, but I don’t know that many others would.
Sooo…anyway, that’s today’s thought.
Need to get back to work after this brief distraction – oh, and of course, continue celebrating the fact that we’re a 1/3 of the way to meeting mini!

One thought on “Officially Beyond the First Trimester!

  1. I too use the jergens moist and glow and I love it, because the pregnancy glow just did not do it for me. The only down fall to the fake glow is the smell, not terrible but does have a different smell that lingers for a while. Any who congrats on getting through the first trimester….pretty soon you’ll be celebrating 30 weeks (me today)! It goes by fast and we will be celebratng with a glass of wine soon!

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