Week 12, Day 4

Well, I slipped in another workout today! They aren’t as often as they ought to be, but at least that’s two days in a row. Gotta celebrate the small stuff, and I’m celebrating with grapes this evening.

I’m getting really, really sick of traveling. I’ve been in hotel rooms for six nights now but, good news, tonight is the last night until next week!! Woohoo! I somehow got my travel/work schedule mixed up, thought I was supposed to be at the University of Chicago NEXT Tuesday, found out via email confirmation follow up today that I’m supposed to be there TOMORROW, so I changed all my plans for this week (Indianapolis, etc.) at the last minute, and therefore I’m heading home after I’m done tomorrow night and going to work from home on Wednesday and Thursday, take the day off on Friday, and enjoy five days straight in my new house!

I’m still a little uncomfortable with what to share and what to share via the blog. I don’t want to sell anyone out. With that said, I just have to vent to cyberspace: Jon wants to buy a $4,000 lawnmower. I mean, what?! the?! hell!!! This all began with a phone call one day past our good-without-being-in-the -same-room threshold. Jon had gone lawnmower shopping with his Dad. Not sure where they went, exactly, but they went shopping. Great, I think, they’re spending time together. That’s so nice. Glad they’re doing that. Jon proceeds to tell me about how he doesn’t REALLY want to push-mow the lawn, as he’s been push mowing the lawn for the last several years. So, he mentions he thinks he wants a riding mower. Now, I understand. I mowed the lawn a lot growing up. But, our house sits on about less than 1/3 an acre (or something like that…it’s small). It backs up to the golf course. The driveway, the landscaping, the trees are large, there are lots of exposed roots and lots of stone work around ponds and other patios. So, a riding mower sounds like a bit of excess, but, ok. I can understand. I imagine a price tag slightly higher than what I’ve seen on the prices at Lowe’s and Menards. Jon mentions that either way, we’ll still need a push mower. He mentions that he’s considered a mower like the one my Dad has, a larger walk behind…so, I think…good…we’re making progress on a critical purchase for the year. Have to have one, right? So, good, Jon’s taken the initiative and just done some initial price shopping. Super!

And then, he drops the bomb. He wants to buy, get this, a ZERO TURN lawnmower. Verbatim, he says “It’s only $3,800.”


ONLY $3,800?? Do you know what I can get for $3,800?? The dining table, chairs, rugs, decor, TVs and paint for the house. I can outfit the entire nursery, the office and paint the entire house, drywall the basement, buy a push lawnmower (rated highly by Consumer Reports), get a FREE hedge trimmer, buy a power washer. Ok, and probably have some money leftover. But, there it is, on the table. A freaking $4,000 lawnmower!!!

That was Saturday. The conversation ended abruptly after that point.

Talked again yesterday. It went better, I guess. However…I’ve now begun thinking…I could buy a new lawnmower, at the current rate of $300 on sale at Sears, EVERY YEAR for 13 years and would spend the same amount as Jon wants to spend UP FRONT on a zero turn mower.

I get it. Boys like toys. They like things with motors and that have dangerous components to them. But, really, as first time homeowners, we’re contemplating a $4,000 lawnmower??

Ok, so that’s my venting.

Now, I feel great. Baby should be great, I assume. I’ll be for sure about that on Thursday after the doctor’s appointment. But, for the time being, the baby is – get this – the size of a peach! That’s so big! After being the size of a poppyseed a few short weeks ago, it’s now the size of a piece of fruit I picked up at the store yesterday. How, freaking, weird!

Had to wear the Bella Band over work pants on Saturday. It was just going to be TOO uncomfortable buttoning those dress jeans, so I opted for the not-buttoning. I was thinking today that it’s great that my pants still fit, albeit a little tighter. BUT, I did buy one size bigger in pants (as noted earlier) and I now understand why you DON’T do that. It’s because the legs and ass of the pants are just baggy and oversized and look ridiculous. So, you have to actually go with the pregnancy pants in your size. Maybe some people wouldn’t have this problem, but being on the bigger side of the normal size choices, I can assure you that this is the case. So, I’m going to head toward pregnancy pants in the near future.

Well, Molly and Bob find out in a week and a half if they’re having a boy or girl. That means, it’s only 5-7 weeks until we’ll find out. How perfect – can’t wait!

Ok, that’s enough for this update. It’s time for this girl to get some sleep so I’m not in a terribly tired state when I get home tomorrow night (yeah!).



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