How Many Men Does it Take…

So, yesterday pretty much summed up the reasons I chose to move back to Clio and to live 9 houses from my parents, a half mile from Jon’s parents and across the street from his brother.

Not just the help in hanging the new light fixture in the dining area of the kitchen or the new ceiling fan in the kitchen proper…but the afterward, the friends stopping by, my brother helping out, the camraderie that went right along with it all. I really do mean that – this is one of the big reasons I wanted to live right where I am.

I called my parents and Jon’s mom who were at their own houses and said I’d ordered pizza and to come over. It was great – though we certainly need more chairs in the living room and more space for people to sit, in general, with the house in shambles due to the kitchen updates, it was perfect.

So, here’s a picture of five men – Tony, Rick (Jon’s brother), Trevor (my brother), big John and my Jon all working on the installation of the ceiling fan. I’m told I must have picked the hardest one in the store. Which is great, because it looks PERFECT in the kitchen. Just LOVE the update. That post is next!!!

Five men hang a ceiling fan - April 2011

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