I Dreamed Our Baby…

Ok, you may be thinking ‘oh great, she dreamed about the baby’ but let me tell you, it was a nightmare that lasted ALL NIGHT last night.

I had talked to my girlfriend Andrea yesterday and she said that she dreamed I was having a girl, that it was very vivid and that her son (Drew’s coming June 27!) and my daughter were playing together. So, she’s on the girl bandwagon.

I had a dream a long while back that it was a girl, and I even dreamt her name, too. Not telling here though.

So, last night I had a dream. It was a girl and I dreamt her name, too…though this time was different from the last time. I got up and went to the bathroom (that happens twice each night, so nothing out of the ordinary since becoming pregnant) and came back to bed. Next thing I know, I am having this dream that we had a boy, who everyone believes to be advanced and a genius because he comes out of the womb talking. I think it’s weird and I also think it’s weird as I breastfeed him that he looks a little different but I love him and I am totally all about breastfeeding him and as I’m telling someone how much I am enjoying breastfeeding, he starts to bite me and then looks up, spits at me and goes all Stewie on me (you know, from Family Guy). So, now I’m scared of my baby. Crazy. He then goes on to sort of ‘rise up’ or something. I can’t even tell you…and he proceeds to say how he was sent by the devil to conquer the world!


So, he then flies off into space to attempt to conquer the world. However, it is at this moment that Angelina Jolie swoops in and super-sonic-speed races me to the ‘face off’ area before the baby (he doesn’t have a name in this nightmare) can get there. She then reverses time and sends us back to when the baby is born and somehow rids him of the devil and gives me a TOO CUTE blonde baby boy and my whole family is there oogling over him.

Angelina Jolie thus saved the day AND my chance at motherhood and I don’t end up being the mother to the boy sent by the devil to conquer the world.

(I mean, come on, do I have some SERIOUS underlying fears about becoming a Mom or what??)

Needless to say, I woke up with a fright at some point and asked Jon to hold me because I’d had a bad dream. I mentioned our baby, the devil and Angelina Jolie. He tuned me out after that I think…

It’s funny in the light of day, I know. But man, in the midst of the night in a nightmare that just won’t quit, that shit is SCARY!!

I’m hoping that I have another dream that may be more definitive in prediction of gender and perhaps bring us a sweet baby, not one sent by the devil. 🙂

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