It’s a Date!

Ok folks, time to place your bets. At the last doctor’s appointment on Thursday, Dr. Neubeck found the baby’s heartbeat (how COOL was that to hear?!) and it was 136 bpm. As he mentioned, ‘they say 120-140 is a boy and 140-160 is a girl. It’s bullshit’

I really like our doctor! I was even thinking about that today — he just tells it like it is, doesn’t seem to get caught up in the latest fad or recommendations, has been delivering babies for SO LONG that it seems like he just is really laid back about the whole thing. Either way, I really like him.

Anyway, so, the baby’s heartbeat was 136. Super cool.

I told him that because I travel for work, etc., etc., that I needed to try to get the ultrasound scheduled so I could schedule my travel around my appointment. So, he wrote the order for the ultrasound (which will be at Hurley). It is June 2nd at 3:30 p.m. We will know on June 2 (my Grandma’s and my cousin Amy’s birthday) if it’s a boy or girl kind of baby!! I’m a little bit apprehensive and a lot bit excited!! My Dad and Grandma said at dinner the other night ‘why would you find out?!’. I say ‘why not?’. It’s not like it’s NOT going to be a surprise whether it’s June 2 or October 27 and it’s kind of a reward for making it halfway through…so, I’m taking all the rewards I can give myself (no beer, no wine, no cocktails, and being pregnant ALL SUMMER long at the lake or pool). I feel like being able to shop for things will make it all be more real and make things fly by even faster.

So, what’d you think it’ll be – a boy or a girl kind?

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