Telling the Boss Lady

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag at work, folks!

That’s right, today I just blurted it out to my boss “I’m pregnant” (those words are getting easier to say, though I’m probably not going to have to say them all that much longer if my day-by-day growth continues at its current pace.

On my lunch break in the office now and just wanted to let anyone who cares/reads this to know that telling my boss, which I had geeked myself up for and was a bit scared of in general, went SO MUCH better than I ever could have anticipated. I feel like because it was a bit of a bombshell for her to hear, that her initial reaction was certainly how she really felt – excited and supportive!

For those who are bosses, know that this can be a huge point of concern for a woman. I thought we’d have some big conversation regarding how we would handle my absence, who would cover for me, thought I needed to have every duck in a row. And I’m sure some work places are like that. But not mine. I had a plan in mind, I have lists prepared, but I certainly didn’t have it all figured out (not that I ever do or will, but it’s a nice thought to have).

I just blurted it out to her…and she embraced it and was so excited for me/Jon/us. So, that’s over and moving on. Now I feel like I can tell anyone and everyone and not worry about it.

However, I’m still not on the wanting the facebook-world to know. I think maybe I’ll just keep waiting until knowing whether it’s a boy or girl and then make some announcement. Besides, all the people who I want to know and are important to me know already anyway.

On a different note, a woman I work with has an 18 year old daughter who was just diagnosed with leukemia. Hearing about all that she is going through made me realize how fortunate I’ve been to know so many who continue to battle cancer or live in remission — and how fortunate I’ve been to have had at all those whose battles weren’t won. Anyway, it was kind of cool because as Brenda was telling me about her daughter, she was describing her and said, ‘actually, she reminds me a lot of you: strong, independent, not girly’ and I really took that as a compliment. So, I’m glad that I was able to stand and listen to Brenda for awhile and let her talk…and to input some things here and there as I could.

If anyone knows of good support books I could send her way or any nice treats (for mom or daughter) let me know! I know my Aunt Lori uses a certain lotion to combat neuropathy and her gym/hot tub/lotion routine has worked for her. Anyone else have any suggestions for what might work?

Ok, it’s been an eventful day and I’m trying to wrap my head around all of it.

Oh, I also had a moment in the bathroom earlier…I realized that my stomach is not like it normally is, that I can’t ‘suck it in’ per se. I mean, I’m still in my good ol’ size 12’s, buttoned up and everything, but I just am noticing my body is different. It was sort of an epiphany I had, realizing that my body is, in fact, going to change. Not just a little bit either. So, that was an interesting thought to have in a bathroom stall, but there it was.

Think that’s all for now — more soon!

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