The Fabric’s Been Chosen…

Well, when I found out I was ‘expecting’ (still surreal to say that, btw), I immediately knew how I’d decorate the nursery. I also knew that I’d never find baby bedding that was ‘up to snuff’ or at least to what I envisioned. So, I enlisted my Mom’s friend, Kathy, who is a FABULOUS quilter. While I don’t fancy myself a quilt fan, Kathy’s designs and work have changed me over the years. I LOVE what she can do and how she does it and she just has a knack for putting together the right colors, fabrics, patterns, in the right way, and it always just comes together SO neat.

So, Kathy was enlisted as the custom-designer of the baby bedding!

Today, we headed to Mabalena’s  in Ortonville to scope out fabric. I walked in and was OVERWHELMED by the choices. Definitely was the right type of store to be in, but I had no CLUE what I was doing. Since I knew how I was decorating the nursery (who am I kidding, I’d known for years!), it was important to me that I choose the design and fabrics for the quilt before I found out the baby’s gender. It’s not important and I really want the room to FEEL like it’s a nice, comfortable room, designed for each of us (Jon, the mini Mason and myself) to feel at ease in. So, regardless of the baby’s gender, I have made the selections (with Kathy’s help and guidance) and could NOT be more thrilled with the selections we made.

The design and the fabrics are under wraps until later in the year, but let’s just say that I went in thinking nothing, and came away ecstatic with how this is all going to come together. I have such faith in Kathy’s ability, that I just know it’s going to be even better than I can expect right now.

AND, Kathy brought over a housewarming present, too! I’ll have to find a camera that has a charged battery and post a picture a little later, but it’s an awesome woven table runner with lots of neat colors, highlighted by the bright blue that I’m using as an accent throughout the house. Somehow, Kathy always knows just the thing for me!

Best part, my Mom purchased the fabric for the quilt and enough extra for the bumpers. Here’s the best part: well, not the BEST, but a good part. The price on the fabric was not cheap, but it was pretty comparable to what you’d pay in the baby store. Granted, that doesn’t take into account Kathy’s custom-designer fee (priceless, in my opinion), but the fabric wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Anyway, it was a fun day spent with Kathy and my Mom and we stopped and had lunch on the way home.

Now, my Mom and Kathy are up in Birch Run and have texted to report the dining table of my dreams is there, on-site. Have to go try to secure the table, if I can help it. Wouldn’t that just make my day!!


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