Memorial Day Recap


I should SO have something interesting to put up here after a Memorial Day weekend. I used to live for this holiday weekend. The beginning of summer, the hope for warm weather that never came through, the drinking…ahh, the drinking.

But, this year our traditional girls weekend wasn’t scheduled on account of nearly everyone being preggo. And Jon and I managed to not go up to Higgins Lake, either. When his Mom said to me on the phone Friday morning, ‘there’s no heat so we were thinking of going up Saturday morning and getting the cabin open and working around the cabin’. So, yeah, the ‘no heat’ and the ‘work’ turned me right off of our Higgins Lake plans. We ended up heading to Detroit to Greektown Casino on Saturday with Jon’s brother Rick and his girlfriend Jen and Rick and Jon’s parents. We had Tigers tickets — great seats that Rick and Jen picked up that a.m. on StubHub. But, we were rained out, so we headed home. Of course, the Tigers and Red Sox played Sunday with Verlander pitching for Detroit and we didn’t make the trek back down there because we really didn’t want to get rained out again, which it seemed for sure like what would happen.


Anyway, Rick and Jen came over Sunday night and we hung out…Rick and Jon got the cable run for the TV in the kitchen and then yesterday (Monday) Jon and his dad got the TV mounted in the kitchen. Now that that room is put together, I don’t have an excuse for not cleaning it.

We also got new patio furniture, courtesy of my Mom & Dad as a housewarming gift. Got just what I wanted, so I’m pretty pumped about that. My Mom, Dad and Trev walked down last night and the five of us sat outside on the patio with drinks and enjoyed our new patio furniture. It was a great evening! I even MADE dinner. Hot dogs count as making dinner, right?

Have I mentioned here that Jon HATES Wal-Mart with a passion? Hates it. So yesterday it was waaaayyy easier to swing through Wal-Mart instead of driving all the way into town to go to VG’s and to Birch Run to the Meijer store. So, Wal-Mart it was. I had to strategically hide the bags and hope Jon would stay down in his man cave while I unpacked the three bags from the store. No such luck. Now that there’s a TV in the kitchen, I don’t think he minds the kitchen so much. Great for normal days, not when I’m trying to pull a fast one.

Anyway, he didn’t notice or didn’t mention it (I’m thinking he wasn’t that perceptive on the bags) and I quickly removed the tell-all Wal-Mart price tags from the items.

I splurged again last night and had ice cream. I had ice cream at the Tigers game on Saturday, too. I felt like everyone was drinking, I couldn’t, so what the hell, ice cream it was! Last night, it was just a moment of weakness. Whatever. It made me happy and I feel like I worked my butt off in the yard all day yesterday, so not feeling so bad about it.

Well, the camera is for sure dead so I’m going to have to come up with a new camera option and get some photos going on here. Reading without pictures can’t be any fun for you folks!

More soon,


Things I Thought While…

…painting the bathroom. Which I did for hours tonight (it was well-ventilated and low-odor, so it’s fine if you were thinking of being all ‘you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t’)

I entertained myself (no tunes going for whatever reason) with the following internal dialogue:

– I wonder if Arnold Schawarzeneger has tried to call his kids and they don’t pick up. You would think everyone picks up for the Terminator, but…I bet his kids aren’t. Also, has his agent told him that his Hollywood career will tank if he tries to go that route? Women are pissed at him.

– I wonder if Maria Shriver bought Christmas presents for the housekeeper’s kid all those years. What a slap in the face (amongst all the others).

– Why didn’t that housekeeper OWN UP to what she’d done ever/before? How in her right mind did she keep working there?

– Do you think Maria Shriver said ‘kids, we’re Kennedy’s we need to handle this like Kennedy’s’ or do you think Sargeant Shriver outlawed that sort of saying back in the day ‘We’re SHRIVER’s goddamnit!’

– Where the hell is Jon?

– Should I eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dinner? Probably not the healthiest thing, but it sounds pretty good and I don’t want the milk to go bad.

– I wonder if, at the baby gender reveal next week, I set out a sweet spread of food but put out item identifiers with my fabulous food if people will make fun of me or think I’m an awesome hostess. Either way I’m doing it (or have the best of intentions of doing it) and we’ll see what happens.

– I can’t believe that Jon claims he sanded these walls. These walls aren’t ready for paint. I could stop and do some sanding…orrrrrrr I could just keep painting. Yup, we’re continuing with the paint.

– Do I even like this color blue?

– Man, this carpet is dirty in here. I wonder if the carpet cleaner I borrowed from Grandma today will get this clean? Why the HELL is their carpet in a bathroom? Do I think Jon will flip a lid if I say I want new floor in here before the party? Yes, yes I do. But, I want new floor in here before the party.

– If I weren’t 18 weeks pregnant right now, would I fit between this wall and the toilet seat any better, with a paint brush in my hand? No, I don’t think so.

– These countertops look even worse than they did with the ugly iridescent wallpaper and than they did with the ugly walls pre-paint. Oh well, own it.

– Really am going to have to strategically hang some mirrors and pictures in this room. Bad walls. There was a reason for the iridescent wallpaper.

– This paint-and-prime in one is the SHIT! I wonder if I’m doing it wrong or if this paint really is that much thicker than other stuff. I swear, I have to dip this brush way more often than normal. Or, I’m just nearing expert status when it comes to painting things.

– Let’s hope no one looks up, straight ahead of them, or in the mirrors to evaluate my painting techniques.

– Ok, I’m getting tired…only…shit…another quarter of this tiny little room to go. How can a bathroom seem so gi-normous??

– No, Jon, I know that it’s late. I know it doesn’t have to all be painted tonight. Oh, you’re going to bed?? Oh, ok, well, I’m just going to keep painting. Yes, I know it doesn’t have to be done tonight, but please tell me…when will it get done, then?

– Ass.

– I’m a much better cleaner-upper than Jon is. Use this for not-painting leverage next time.

– I hope that Maria Shriver is in Hyannisport…is that even where Shriver’s go?

See, this is my train of thought while painting. This is also why I am able to handle long, long stretches of driving.

Til next time, friends.


Belly Shot

I haven’t posted any of those preggo belly shots because I haven’t felt like it. Good enough reason for me! But, I did take one a few weeks back and I’ll take another one today to mark the 18-week milestone (holy crap, 18 weeks!). Admittedly, I did just take one of myself and thought ‘oh, god, nope, not posting that one’. Gonna splurge on a shower and doing my hair and then I’ll share.

Enjoy folks. I’ll try to make this a more-regular habit since I’ll probably want to have it after the fact, though I dislike the idea in general.

Taken May 6, 2011, 15 weeks.

Blaming the Baby Brain on This One

So, I thought I’d update the blog with some photos this morning. This required walking downstairs to my car, in the pouring rain grabbing my purse (which I left in the car over my flight to Kansas City on purpose) and searching for my at-that-point elusive camera. Well, Jon’s elusive camera. Since I hijacked Jon’s pocket-sized Canon that he got for Christmas two years ago (or maybe last year).

I am walking out the garage door and think ‘oh shit, did I leave the camera outside when I was gardening Sunday? No. I didn’t do that’ and then I peek around to the rock wall in the backyard, under the Japanese Maple, and there sat the camera!! Whhaaatt?!!!!! Shit shit shit. Run to the wall, grab the camera. HOW did I manage this one?? And did I mention that here in the Great Lake State it’s also been the great rain state (hasn’t everywhere, I suppose) Sunday, Wednesday and today? Yeah. Smooth, I know. I’m blaming it on the preggo brain and the memory-sucking skills of the mini-Mason. I mean, HOW did I manage that one?? Seriously.

Well, the camera is now drying out down in the laundry room. Good news is, the area with the battery and memory card was bone dry (again, how?). So, you may get some photo updates out of me yet. Here’s to hoping.

(For my concerned mother, NO, I did NOT leave my fancy-shmancy Nikon in the rain).

The rock wall (left) and the garden bed beneath the Japanese Maple, pre-weeding. The BEFORE.

The AFTER. It's not perfect, but notice the lack of weeds?! (Taken from the opposite side of the rock wall this time).

The side of the rock wall that's to the house. The other side faces the golf course. The BEFORE. I haven't gotten an after yet (probably why the camera was still on the wall...helpful reminder).

This is the view from the golf course side. This is before Jon hung the hanging baskets for me. Again, no AFTER yet.

Oh, and in this last picture, if anyone can figure out if those bushes in front of the rock wall (what else do I call that thing?) are actually azaleas and how I’m supposed to care for them, that’d be awesome.

More soon,


Newborn Photography

I’ve been trying to do some sporadic research into newborn photographers and packages and pricing. I haven’t settled on a photographer I love…yet…but here are some that are in the running.

If you know of anyone specializing in newborn photography, I would love to have some more info from you. Need someone who will travel to Clio, Michigan (really want to do the in-home route for this photo session). So, have a look at leave comments on what you like best. We’re evaluating strictly on how it looks to YOU. Let me know. I need to do a lot more looking around. If you know of anyone who has had great photos, find out who they used and let. me. know. Please. Thank you.

My Girlfriends

My girlfriends are awesome. I’m sure you probably feel the same way, but I really can’t explain the ways in which I value my friendships with these women.

I have the girls from high school and normally we have tried to get together the last couple of years over Memorial Day weekend. This year, everyone’s pregnant (well, ok, not EVERYONE, but a lot of us). So, we have delayed/postponed/cancelled the 2011 edition of our girls weekend. Which makes me sad. I mean, these girls get me laughing so hard (and so drunk, often) that I just can’t quite put it into words.

Comfortable. That’s it, I’m comfortable with them.

And I’ve got my girlfriends, Andrea and Molly, who are right there all the time, right around the corner. So grateful for them too and for sharing in this crazy pregnancy journey with them both. Andrea’s due June 27 and Molly on September 20. I can’t imagine being pregnant and alone going through it. No one to discuss constipation issues with, no one to discuss how the men in our lives behave as our bodies, minds and emotions change rapidly. How do you do that without your girlfriends?

It’s not like I have a TON of friends. But I like to think I’m a good friend from time to time and I really can’t explain it. I guess that’s the way friendships are supposed to be.

I’m so looking forward to getting together with the high school girlfriends at some point after everyone’s done being preggo and laughing so hard my abs might re-appear.

here’s to hoping!


Spicy is Not Friendly

I live nine houses from my parents. I chose this and I love it.

Tonight, my Dad was making fish and I headed down to their house for dinner (Jon opted for Taco Bell, but let’s not tell my Dad that part…). My Dad is a great cook, great griller and gets creative from time to time.

Anyway, tonight’s entree was flounder (which is apparently the same thing as Halibut? I don’t know, that sounds ‘fishy’ to me…). It was really good, moist, all the right things. But my Uncle Bill, who supplied the fish, also supplied the seasoning which evidently came from the same area as the fish: Louisiana.

I normally am good with spicy. Normally, people say ‘ooh, that’s got a little kick to it’ and I’m like ‘really?!’. However, the spiciness of tonight’s entree…did NOT do wonders for my tummy and I’m pretty sure the mini does NOT like that level of spiciness. I was feeling particularly unwell after dinner…that has since passed, but I don’t think I’ll be chancing it again.

I don’t even known exactly what heartburn feels like, but this wasn’t around my heart or even my esophogus/throat area. It was just in my tummy and it did NOT feel good, friends.

So, no more of the uber-spicy for this lady.

Have to be at the airport by 5 a.m. tomorrow and still need to pack. Ugh.

Week 17, Day 4 Update

This week, baby is the size of a sweet potato! Craziness, really. It doesn’t weigh quite one pound (yet!) but it’s getting there and it’s only a matter of time.

Due Date: October 27, 2011

Baby Developments: The mini Mason is yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. And I’ve felt some of this, but not a lot. Mainly, the movements make me feel sea-sick.

Weight Gain: Ok, doctor’s office today for a check-up/check-in. I stepped on the scale and decided I was just going to own whatever the weight gain was. Seven pounds, I figured, and I’d be in shock and awe. HOWEVER, I am down a pound and a half. Total weight gain over 18 weeks: 3.7 pounds. I feel awesome about that. I’m trying to walk frequently (some weeks are better than others) and I’m not terribly hungry all the time. I gave in to a need for ice cream Saturday night, but that’s about it.

Cravings: Nothing. Well, that’s a lie. Bacardi. Vodka. An ice cold Oberon. But as far as things within the realm of possibility, nothing.

Symptoms: The sea-sickness is a new development. My back/sciatic thing reared its ugly head yesterday after working in the yard all weekend and helping to lift a seemingly lightweight TV onto the mantel. So, no more heavy lifting for me. Other than that, nothing.

I am loving: My tummy getting a little firmer due to the growing mini. But, I’m still in my regular clothes (pants). I’m enjoying the preggo shirts that cover up the fact that I from time to time use a hair band to keep my pants together. Anyway, and I’m loving the anticipation of finding out whether the mini Mason is a boy/girl and the Big Reveal party the following day. Getting our families together at our house is a big deal and I’m really looking forward to it!

Sleep: Not tired other than when I’m supposed to be. And sleeping pretty well. Not having to get up and pee all night long is a relief.

I miss: Drinks. That’s it. DRINKS. Can’t wait for the end of the year and a cocktail or two. Actually, it’s not so bad not having the hangover, but I would like the option to imbibe if I so desired.

I am looking forward to: Discovering whether mini Mason is a boy or girl and double-checking that all is healthy and well. Also the big gender reveal party on the Friday after we find out the boy/girl of the mini Mason. Today’s doctor’s appointment had the mini’s heartbeat at 143-148 bpm, which is higher than the last time (right?) a little bit. In the old wives’ tale pantheon, this makes the mini a girl but last checkup it was a boy. It will have made up its mind for certain when we get a sneak peek at the ultrasound! Only 10 more sleeps!

I am spazzing about: Not much. Ordered the crib, the glider and ottoman and picked up the dresser/changing table. We have to paint, but we also need to do some work in the attic and the only access is through mini’s room. So, not in a big hurry to get the room put together. The crib doesn’t arrive until June 8 and the glider at some point thereafter, so in no big hurry. Do need to work on the pediatrician thing, though, and have a recommendation from Dr. Neubeck on that one, so am going to check her out soon.

Best moment of the week: Feeling the baby move.

Milestones: Nothing. Other than my Mom saying I looked pregnant and two sort-of strangers touching my belly at a birthday party. I’m sorry, but I don’t look THAT pregnant that you should be touching my mid-section. And even if I were that pregnant, it doesn’t make it ok.

Movement: Yup, more and more. Doctor said today that most movement comes three hours after the largest calorie intake of the day. Is that like a challenge to eat more or something? I don’t know…I won’t accept that challenge!

It’s a….: baby. Only 10 sleeps til we know for sure!

Exercise: Lots and lots of yardwork and a few walks. Nothing too extravagant, but with my weight staying steady, I feel pretty good about how things are going thus far.

Diet: Eating the same ol’ stuff I always do.

Goals for the upcoming week: Get the house cleaned and ready to go for the gender reveal party; get some work accomplished; get some homework done that’s due today and work ahead so I’m done with classwork by the time the party rolls around. Have the bathroom mudded and sanded and primed by next weekend. Decide what we’re going to do for Memorial Day weekend (need to stay home and get stuff done for the party, but going to the lake for a day sounds nice, too).

What a Weekend!

What a weekend it’s been! The TV quit on us today, so it was the excuse to splurge on the TV for downstairs and for the one for the kitchen! Yea!!! The TV downstairs is great big and totally worth the dollars spent on it.

However, this splurge has now put off another large purchase, the lawnmower (debate rages on) but I think we’re going to just opt for the push mower.

Woke up this morning and FELT pregnant. Not that I haven’t all the days leading up to this, but it was just weird. I felt like I was showing moreso than on other days, and just pressure a little bit and it was all just a preggo feeling. And then my Mom announced ‘you look pregnant today’…whatever that means. It probably didn’t help that I was wearing a tank top that was fitted and I stopped trying to suck in.

Went for a walk where I contemplated the sucking in thing. I can now suck in and yet nothing happens…my waist and stomach area remains the same appearance outwardly (for the most part).

Also today, worked in the yard a TON and felt the mini Mason moving ALL DAY. I have to say that of all the pregnant days, today was probably the most queasy I’ve felt throughout the whole day. Not like I wanted to throw up, but more like I was seasick. Having something moving around inside your stomach (area) when you are NOT used to it can make you feel off, I’ve found.

Went for a walk (just 2 miles) and felt movement during that too. It’s disconcerting to say the least, but I like it too.

We are planning a baby gender reveal party for June 3, which I’m totally psyched about. Trying to get a good plan together to make it really memorable for us and for our parents.

Have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning and am going to try to convince him to do an ultrasound to tell me the gender at that point. I figure that he won’t give in, but why not ask? I thought it’d be fun to know and not tell anyone until the following week. A super, super surprise that I could keep all to myself. And I thought, that’d be a cool way to go because if you wait to find out until delivery day, then everyone knows at once and it’s a surprise for everyone. This way, it can remain known only to you for however long you want.

Anyway, good weekend all the way around. Ready for more of the short week and then enjoying Memorial Day!

13 Sleeps

But who’s counting?!

Only 13 sleeps (under two weeks!) until we know if the mini is a boy or girl. Are you getting sick of me counting down yet?? I’m getting sick of waiting.

Big party planned for Friday, June 4 to ‘reveal’ the gender with our family and close friends. I’m really looking forward to hosting everyone at our house for the first time and am busily trying to come up with the perfect menu (not too laid back, not too fancy, just NICE) and the perfect ‘reveal’ idea. I want it to be fun and memorable, but not cliche. So, we’ll see. Am going to do some digging this weekend for ideas to put together.

Am looking forward to Memorial Day and a long weekend next weekend and spending the remainder of today in the yard weeding some flower beds and making things look less overgrown. Jon is painting the dining room (yeah!) as I type this and I have to say that after several weeks of painful arguments over a lawn mower (we’ve all got our sticking points, right?) things are great with us and I’m just really enjoying where we’re at, how we’re coming to live together and how our relationship is. Jon has been doing some light reading of a book I got him: “The Guys Guide to Surviving Pregnancy” which was highly rated on several websites I dig through regularly. I think it’s helping him be more — empathetic — which is really, really appreciated by this gal!

Anyway, it’s off into the yard I go and more painting for Jon. Think we’re going to head to the Toaster Tourney tomorrow and enjoy our friends and some lovely weather in this Michigan metropolis 🙂