I have come to shop a lot online. It’s easier and the selection is far greater. Plus, I can typically find great coupons at sites, especially like

So, I’ve been shopping for some maternity clothes at some of these online shops. I went to Sears a few weeks ago and bought a few maternity pieces that I figured would work well for work, some that would be good for summer (cargo pants that can be worn up or as crop pants) and a bathing suit. Sears is where I hit the motherlode (it was even better than Target’s in-store selection!). Best of all, I spent just $80 on a TON of clothes, so that was a huge plus, too.

Today I open my email inbox and I have a reminder coupon from zulily, this really cool site I found. Check it out! I started looking at bathing suits on this site from PregO Maternity Wear. Found some cool options — until I realized ALL of them have a bow at the spot between your boobs and belly. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Do you love the bow?

I swear, it’s like some sort of requirement that maternity wear has a bow that ties and lays just above your preggo-belly, just to accentuate. I think it’s lovely that we exist in a time when a pregnant belly can be highlighted. BUT, I also don’t like bows. And they are EVERYWHERE on maternity clothes. Not just tie in the front, but tie in the back. Maybe it’s because I’m shopping the more bargain-oriented places for maternity things. Maybe spending a little more money, you don’t get the bows hanging down the middle of your abdomen. Either way, not a fan. If I can help it, you won’t see this gal flaunting bows around my middle – just not me.

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