Week 14, Day 3 Update

The baby is the size of – get this – a naval orange!

I can hardly believe how big the thing (baby) gets without me even knowing it. I made myself a deal that I wasn’t going all-baby brain until I finish my MBA coursework (5 weeks, 1 day to finish, but hopefully I’ll work ahead and get it done a few days early1). I haven’t. After initially scouring websites like thebump.com and other sites for the what to expect/what size it is/symptoms I’ve largely stayed away from all those sites for the last 6 weeks or so. I have to say, it’s kind of nice not over-indulging in the baby stuff. It’s so much a part of my thoughts anyway, that not over-doing it on the web surfing/googling is kind of a nice thing. It won’t last long (five weeks, 1 day).

Orange you glad to see me?

So, there you have it. A visual representation of it’s size.

And, a long awaited update on the status of, well, this body of mine and the baby’s!

Because I can’t remember all the things I’ve updated in the past, I’m using someone else’s framework, whose blog I follow. Here goes:

Due Date: October 27, 2011

Baby Developments: Baby’s joints are finally functional and it’s moving around a lot, wiggling fingers and toes. Not anything I can feel, though.

Weight Gain: I only weigh myself at the doctor’s office, and last visit a week and a half ago, I’d gained five pounds total. Not too shabby. The walks I try to take several times a week must be helping. That, and I’m not terribly hungry.

Cravings: Nothing, really. It’s more aversions and that’s not even bad. I just am not a huge pasta person (though I was trying to kick that habit anyway) so the pasta thing is a good thing to steer away from. French fries were the only thing that seemed to settle my stomach there for awhile, but that’s been weeks since I had that going on. So, nothing, really. Today, I’m realizing how much water I haven’t drank. Need to do better on the water intake.

Symptoms: The sciatic is still a bugger. It’s not as bad as it was. Lower back pain is annoying, but it’s nothing too bad. I think if I was taking it JUST a bit easier, I might not find it so annoying. But, good luck. Too much to get done around this new house of hours.

I am loving: The fact that I can still wear regular clothes and I don’t ‘look’ pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, when I look pregnant, I’ll love that too. It’s just that for now, I’m good with where I’m at. Also, I love elastic waist pants (I’ve treated myself to wearing a pair of preggo pants). Seriously, why did we ever let elastic waists NOT be the fashion? It’s waaaay more comfortable. It’s why most of us end up in yoga pants around the house, right?

Sleep: I’m sleeping through the night much better and the crazy nightmare/dreams have tapered off for now. I was getting up every night two and three times to potty. Now, it’s down to none or maybe once. When I wake up in the morning having slept the whole night without getting up for the bathroom, I’m in awe.

I miss: Drinks. Cocktails. Beer. Booze. Wine. This weekend was a hell of a weekend on a multitude of levels and the only thing I could think that would make it feel better was a nice, cold beer. Or glass of wine. We celebrated Andrea’s birthday (me and my two pregnant best girlfriends) and we had sparkling grape juice with cherries. Yeah, definitely not the same thing. It’s going to be a loooooonnnnng summer, friends.

I am looking forward to: Finding out whether the mini Mason will be a boy or girl. Some folks think it ruins the surprise. To me, it’s twice the surprise — one now with the gender, and one when he/she is born and we get to meet. Plus, I feel like finding out the gender (I feel weird saying the sex, because I am pretty sure the sex of the baby has nothing to do with the gender…) as a treat to myself for being so patient for the last 20 weeks.

I am spazzing about: Jon and I and our inability to communicate when it comes to the new house. There are just a lot of changes in our lives – officially living together, the money matters that go along with that, planning for a baby, him being laid off STILL, me traveling all the time, gas prices, work to do around the house, the cost of doing things around the house, how I want to enjoy the house and yet, there seems to be little time to do that…Ok, need to let some of those things go. But…this is me we’re talking about!

Best moment of the week: Buttoning up my pre-preggo regular, non-stretch  jeans. And picking out the bedding fabric with Mom and Kathy.

Milestones: 14+ weeks. Crazy that it’s gone that fast already. Need to start taking more pictures of life in general to document.

Movement: None yet. She/he is in there moving around and having their own little dance party but not letting me in quite yet. My blogger/work friend felt movement at 15 weeks, but Molly didn’t feel anything until 19/20 and Andrea not until like 22/23 weeks. Soooo…not sure what relevancy that has in my world. But, it’s coming and I’m looking forward to it!

It’s a….: Don’t know. But we’ll know in exactly ONE MONTH!

Exercise: A few walks this week and even a 30+ minute workout at the hotel. Not too shabby.

Diet: Not super hungry. And small apples are my new friend. Loving them. That’s my sort of hunger-staple. Forget Snickers. Apples it is!

Goals for the upcoming week: Get the housewarming party invitation list squared away, get help from Dad getting the master bathroom back in working order, get the rest of the wallpaper down in the big bathroom and get the walls washed again in the dining room and bathroom so they’re reading for sanding and mudwork. Nothing baby-related other than getting that stuff done before there’s an infant in the house!


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