Only 30 1/2 Days!

That’s less than a (long) month! Only 30 1/2 days until we know what the mini Mason is and I’m getting more and more excited by the day! I stopped at the Motherhood Maternity store at the Chicago Premium Outlets today (in between account stops on my ‘lunch’) and got some GREAT clothes. I also decided that finding out the gender of the baby is a MUST for gals like me, who enjoy clothes shopping and not knowing if it’s a boy or girl kind forces me to shop for clothes for myself (lame excuse, I know, but…it worked for me today).

I got a couple of GREAT pants and skirts that will work for work stuff and got some super cute stuff for summer time, too.

One of the weirdest/coolest things in the store is that they have a little velcro-on preggo belly so that you can try the clothes on and see how they’ll look and fit when you have a bigger belly. Totally cool. I have a sinking feeling that the little tiny stuffed velcro belly will be way cuter than my actually preggo belly, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe.

Some of my girlfriends are/have avoided pregnant/maternity clothing like the plague. It doesn’t bother me, for whatever reason. I think there is a TON of cute stuff (some maternity, some non-maternity) and I guess I’ve looked forward to being pregnant and being a Mom for so long that I want to look cute while in the moment and feel good about myself. Can you blame me?!

Anywho, that was today’s grand adventure. On a ‘how I’m feeling’ note: TIRED all of a sudden. Don’t know if it’s because I’ve overdone it lately (lots of house projects, walked four miles yesterday, etc.) or if it’s because of a lack of water or not eating right or what. Anyway, had to take a nap for an hour or so yesterday and then find myself waiting until I can find a free moment for a cat nap today, too. And I had an awfully hard time rolling out of bed this morning.

On the good news front, the sciatic pain in my left butt and upper thigh has subsided in a huge way. I know it’s temporary, and though I can still feel it and I definitely have lower back dull/aching pain often, the sciatic shooting sharp pain is gone for the time being. I’d like to think it has something to do with me being more aerobic, though I am fairly certain it has more to do with the position of my uterus in my body. Oh, by the way, I’ve decided uterus is sort of a really gross word and shouldn’t be used in conversation. I feel like it might be an even uglier word than vagina – but that’s just me.

More soon,



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