Mom 2 Mom

All is well in the world, it’s before 8 a.m. and I’m headed SHOPPING!

It’s my first Mom 2 Mom sale up in Birch Run, heading there with my Mom. Not sure what to expect, other than some great deals. My hope is that it’s not totally garage sale-y because, for those who do not know, I dislike garage sales with a passion.

Anyway, who knows what we might find.

A few other, random notes:

I have changed my mind on the crib I want. (Go figure). I had wanted this one from JCPenney, called Tribeca.

I really liked the wide slats, the black finish and the rounded back. However, it’s been on backorder on for weeks. Wait, not back order, it’s ‘Currently Unavailable” to the point that I emailed JCPenney customer service and Westwood (the designer/manufacturer) and they said they’d be getting more in stock. I have checked the website every day, clicking on this particular crib, trying to order it and have it here and everytime I get the ‘Currently Unavailable” language back at me. I kept clicking on it hoping my clicking would hurry them up to get them back in stock, realizing how many people want the crib (Seriously, I checked every day, morning and night, for the last three weeks).

Then, in my checking two nights ago, I noticed ‘hey, they added five more cribs!’ so I scroll through them all, the closeout’s and the ‘new’ and all of a sudden, there it is. The crib that I want. I’d been having some misgivings about the Tribeca anyway. Was there enough detail? Was it too boring? Would I regret not being able to have a dust ruffle (which I really want)? So, I was second guessing the crib I’d fallen in love with. And then, there it was. Bella.

She’s on the top of the list now. I almost pulled the trigger and ordered it last night, but just couldn’t do it. A few more nights thinking on it can’t hurt, right?

Now you know my crib dillema…any thoughts, folks?

Gotta head out now, SALES are calling me.



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