Mother’s Day

Today is my first Mother’s Day. Well, not officially I suppose. I don’t actually have a baby to hold, but I HAVE given up drinking and things that are allegedly bad for me because there is something thriving in my abdominal area. So, I think that makes me a Mother. Just one without a child. Yet.

Only 25 days until we know if ‘it’ is a boy or girl kind of baby. I’m pretty pumped to find out. Excited, I don’t know. Apprehensive, yes. Will it change my attitude? Will it make it more real (as though it’s not now?!)? Will Jon be more excited or get totally weirded out knowing what it is? Don’t know. Answers to come in 25 days!

People are beginning to ask a lot what the names we like are. Can I be honest — it’s kind of annoying. I mean, first, we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. Second, there are a host of names I like and THIRD, everyone wants to tell you what THEIR favorite names are, what they ALMOST named their own child. And if you dare turn up your nose at their favored name, well, then, they’re going to try to convince you of the merits of that name. I have committed that we’re not going to tell the name, either way, until the baby is born. Let everyone else be surprised when he or she arrives in the world. They shouldn’t know the baby’s name before he/she does, anyway. That should be a surprise saved just for baby. (I obviously know the baby won’t know the difference, but this now sounds like a good line to use).

So, big news MAYBE. I think I COULD have felt the first flutters of movement tonight. It wasn’t earth-shattering like I hoped it would be. But it certainly wasn’t gas (trust me, I’m an expert at what that is) and it wasn’t nothing. So, what was it? Only time will tell if I’m right. I’ve wondered for the last couple of days if I’m just ‘feeling’ my own heartbeat in my ears sometimes, as I think about the prospect of a moving, thriving baby inside or if I’m making it up. But, I think tonight was legit. I think. I could be just wishing myself into it since all the websites say this is the week you could/should/might start feeling movement. Maybe I’ve just talked myself into it.

I have just four more weeks until I complete my MBA. The nursery bedding is in the works. The dining room is coming along. The kitchen is actually almost finished (unlike when the detailed stuff was not done, before). And, the wallpaper is down in the big bathroom. And our office furniture arrived Friday. And the crib I want is in stock. And I found the dining room table I want. It’s all coming together folks! I’m so anxious to sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying all the people (baby!) and things I’m working so hard toward right this instant.



One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. I remember wondering if the first movements were ‘real’. I remember it feeling like butterfly wings fluttering lightly. Or a very light feeling inside, almost like an ‘inside tickle’. It definitely isn’t strong in the beginning, like it will be in the future. I think you have definitely felt the first movements of life. Trust your gut.

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