It Moved!

No doubt about it in my mind – this baby is a-movin’!

Today was the coolest thing…after not feeling any movement that I could be sure of yesterday (kind of dissapointing and worrisome in a weird way) and not having been totally sure if what I felt at Jon’s aunt, Selena’s, house was really the mini Mason…today, it was legit.

And it was sooooo freaking cool.

I was sitting in the ‘war room’ at an account where we’re doing a lot of research this week, and we were discussing things and I was in listening mode about this point. And, there it was, all of a sudden. I KNEW it was the mini Mason. And I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face.

It was really cool, like this little secret between the baby and me that no one else could know about, right there, in front of the entire room. It felt like ‘tickle, tickle, tickle’ (say this more like ‘tickow, tickow, tickow’ and it’s more appropriate, because it’s not a real tickle feeling…it’s more like a, well, tickow, you know?)

So, that is the coolest and I’m really enjoying it.

Now, there’s just 22 1/2 days until the mid-way surprise: boy or girl?! I know I’ve cataloged that I thought it was a girl (dreams told me this…) but now I’m just not sure. I’d love a girl. I’d love a boy. Mainly, I’d just like to remove the suspense surrounding this particular question.

So, until next time…



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