13 Sleeps

But who’s counting?!

Only 13 sleeps (under two weeks!) until we know if the mini is a boy or girl. Are you getting sick of me counting down yet?? I’m getting sick of waiting.

Big party planned for Friday, June 4 to ‘reveal’ the gender with our family and close friends. I’m really looking forward to hosting everyone at our house for the first time and am busily trying to come up with the perfect menu (not too laid back, not too fancy, just NICE) and the perfect ‘reveal’ idea. I want it to be fun and memorable, but not cliche. So, we’ll see. Am going to do some digging this weekend for ideas to put together.

Am looking forward to Memorial Day and a long weekend next weekend and spending the remainder of today in the yard weeding some flower beds and making things look less overgrown. Jon is painting the dining room (yeah!) as I type this and I have to say that after several weeks of painful arguments over a lawn mower (we’ve all got our sticking points, right?) things are great with us and I’m just really enjoying where we’re at, how we’re coming to live together and how our relationship is. Jon has been doing some light reading of a book I got him: “The Guys Guide to Surviving Pregnancy” which was highly rated on several websites I dig through regularly. I think it’s helping him be more — empathetic — which is really, really appreciated by this gal!

Anyway, it’s off into the yard I go and more painting for Jon. Think we’re going to head to the Toaster Tourney tomorrow and enjoy our friends and some lovely weather in this Michigan metropolis 🙂


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