What a Weekend!

What a weekend it’s been! The TV quit on us today, so it was the excuse to splurge on the TV for downstairs and for the one for the kitchen! Yea!!! The TV downstairs is great big and totally worth the dollars spent on it.

However, this splurge has now put off another large purchase, the lawnmower (debate rages on) but I think we’re going to just opt for the push mower.

Woke up this morning and FELT pregnant. Not that I haven’t all the days leading up to this, but it was just weird. I felt like I was showing moreso than on other days, and just pressure a little bit and it was all just a preggo feeling. And then my Mom announced ‘you look pregnant today’…whatever that means. It probably didn’t help that I was wearing a tank top that was fitted and I stopped trying to suck in.

Went for a walk where I contemplated the sucking in thing. I can now suck in and yet nothing happens…my waist and stomach area remains the same appearance outwardly (for the most part).

Also today, worked in the yard a TON and felt the mini Mason moving ALL DAY. I have to say that of all the pregnant days, today was probably the most queasy I’ve felt throughout the whole day. Not like I wanted to throw up, but more like I was seasick. Having something moving around inside your stomach (area) when you are NOT used to it can make you feel off, I’ve found.

Went for a walk (just 2 miles) and felt movement during that too. It’s disconcerting to say the least, but I like it too.

We are planning a baby gender reveal party for June 3, which I’m totally psyched about. Trying to get a good plan together to make it really memorable for us and for our parents.

Have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning and am going to try to convince him to do an ultrasound to tell me the gender at that point. I figure that he won’t give in, but why not ask? I thought it’d be fun to know and not tell anyone until the following week. A super, super surprise that I could keep all to myself. And I thought, that’d be a cool way to go because if you wait to find out until delivery day, then everyone knows at once and it’s a surprise for everyone. This way, it can remain known only to you for however long you want.

Anyway, good weekend all the way around. Ready for more of the short week and then enjoying Memorial Day!


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