Spicy is Not Friendly

I live nine houses from my parents. I chose this and I love it.

Tonight, my Dad was making fish and I headed down to their house for dinner (Jon opted for Taco Bell, but let’s not tell my Dad that part…). My Dad is a great cook, great griller and gets creative from time to time.

Anyway, tonight’s entree was flounder (which is apparently the same thing as Halibut? I don’t know, that sounds ‘fishy’ to me…). It was really good, moist, all the right things. But my Uncle Bill, who supplied the fish, also supplied the seasoning which evidently came from the same area as the fish: Louisiana.

I normally am good with spicy. Normally, people say ‘ooh, that’s got a little kick to it’ and I’m like ‘really?!’. However, the spiciness of tonight’s entree…did NOT do wonders for my tummy and I’m pretty sure the mini does NOT like that level of spiciness. I was feeling particularly unwell after dinner…that has since passed, but I don’t think I’ll be chancing it again.

I don’t even known exactly what heartburn feels like, but this wasn’t around my heart or even my esophogus/throat area. It was just in my tummy and it did NOT feel good, friends.

So, no more of the uber-spicy for this lady.

Have to be at the airport by 5 a.m. tomorrow and still need to pack. Ugh.

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