Week 17, Day 4 Update

This week, baby is the size of a sweet potato! Craziness, really. It doesn’t weigh quite one pound (yet!) but it’s getting there and it’s only a matter of time.

Due Date: October 27, 2011

Baby Developments: The mini Mason is yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. And I’ve felt some of this, but not a lot. Mainly, the movements make me feel sea-sick.

Weight Gain: Ok, doctor’s office today for a check-up/check-in. I stepped on the scale and decided I was just going to own whatever the weight gain was. Seven pounds, I figured, and I’d be in shock and awe. HOWEVER, I am down a pound and a half. Total weight gain over 18 weeks: 3.7 pounds. I feel awesome about that. I’m trying to walk frequently (some weeks are better than others) and I’m not terribly hungry all the time. I gave in to a need for ice cream Saturday night, but that’s about it.

Cravings: Nothing. Well, that’s a lie. Bacardi. Vodka. An ice cold Oberon. But as far as things within the realm of possibility, nothing.

Symptoms: The sea-sickness is a new development. My back/sciatic thing reared its ugly head yesterday after working in the yard all weekend and helping to lift a seemingly lightweight TV onto the mantel. So, no more heavy lifting for me. Other than that, nothing.

I am loving: My tummy getting a little firmer due to the growing mini. But, I’m still in my regular clothes (pants). I’m enjoying the preggo shirts that cover up the fact that I from time to time use a hair band to keep my pants together. Anyway, and I’m loving the anticipation of finding out whether the mini Mason is a boy/girl and the Big Reveal party the following day. Getting our families together at our house is a big deal and I’m really looking forward to it!

Sleep: Not tired other than when I’m supposed to be. And sleeping pretty well. Not having to get up and pee all night long is a relief.

I miss: Drinks. That’s it. DRINKS. Can’t wait for the end of the year and a cocktail or two. Actually, it’s not so bad not having the hangover, but I would like the option to imbibe if I so desired.

I am looking forward to: Discovering whether mini Mason is a boy or girl and double-checking that all is healthy and well. Also the big gender reveal party on the Friday after we find out the boy/girl of the mini Mason. Today’s doctor’s appointment had the mini’s heartbeat at 143-148 bpm, which is higher than the last time (right?) a little bit. In the old wives’ tale pantheon, this makes the mini a girl but last checkup it was a boy. It will have made up its mind for certain when we get a sneak peek at the ultrasound! Only 10 more sleeps!

I am spazzing about: Not much. Ordered the crib, the glider and ottoman and picked up the dresser/changing table. We have to paint, but we also need to do some work in the attic and the only access is through mini’s room. So, not in a big hurry to get the room put together. The crib doesn’t arrive until June 8 and the glider at some point thereafter, so in no big hurry. Do need to work on the pediatrician thing, though, and have a recommendation from Dr. Neubeck on that one, so am going to check her out soon.

Best moment of the week: Feeling the baby move.

Milestones: Nothing. Other than my Mom saying I looked pregnant and two sort-of strangers touching my belly at a birthday party. I’m sorry, but I don’t look THAT pregnant that you should be touching my mid-section. And even if I were that pregnant, it doesn’t make it ok.

Movement: Yup, more and more. Doctor said today that most movement comes three hours after the largest calorie intake of the day. Is that like a challenge to eat more or something? I don’t know…I won’t accept that challenge!

It’s a….: baby. Only 10 sleeps til we know for sure!

Exercise: Lots and lots of yardwork and a few walks. Nothing too extravagant, but with my weight staying steady, I feel pretty good about how things are going thus far.

Diet: Eating the same ol’ stuff I always do.

Goals for the upcoming week: Get the house cleaned and ready to go for the gender reveal party; get some work accomplished; get some homework done that’s due today and work ahead so I’m done with classwork by the time the party rolls around. Have the bathroom mudded and sanded and primed by next weekend. Decide what we’re going to do for Memorial Day weekend (need to stay home and get stuff done for the party, but going to the lake for a day sounds nice, too).

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