My Girlfriends

My girlfriends are awesome. I’m sure you probably feel the same way, but I really can’t explain the ways in which I value my friendships with these women.

I have the girls from high school and normally we have tried to get together the last couple of years over Memorial Day weekend. This year, everyone’s pregnant (well, ok, not EVERYONE, but a lot of us). So, we have delayed/postponed/cancelled the 2011 edition of our girls weekend. Which makes me sad. I mean, these girls get me laughing so hard (and so drunk, often) that I just can’t quite put it into words.

Comfortable. That’s it, I’m comfortable with them.

And I’ve got my girlfriends, Andrea and Molly, who are right there all the time, right around the corner. So grateful for them too and for sharing in this crazy pregnancy journey with them both. Andrea’s due June 27 and Molly on September 20. I can’t imagine being pregnant and alone going through it. No one to discuss constipation issues with, no one to discuss how the men in our lives behave as our bodies, minds and emotions change rapidly. How do you do that without your girlfriends?

It’s not like I have a TON of friends. But I like to think I’m a good friend from time to time and I really can’t explain it. I guess that’s the way friendships are supposed to be.

I’m so looking forward to getting together with the high school girlfriends at some point after everyone’s done being preggo and laughing so hard my abs might re-appear.

here’s to hoping!


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