Blaming the Baby Brain on This One

So, I thought I’d update the blog with some photos this morning. This required walking downstairs to my car, in the pouring rain grabbing my purse (which I left in the car over my flight to Kansas City on purpose) and searching for my at-that-point elusive camera. Well, Jon’s elusive camera. Since I hijacked Jon’s pocket-sized Canon that he got for Christmas two years ago (or maybe last year).

I am walking out the garage door and think ‘oh shit, did I leave the camera outside when I was gardening Sunday? No. I didn’t do that’ and then I peek around to the rock wall in the backyard, under the Japanese Maple, and there sat the camera!! Whhaaatt?!!!!! Shit shit shit. Run to the wall, grab the camera. HOW did I manage this one?? And did I mention that here in the Great Lake State it’s also been the great rain state (hasn’t everywhere, I suppose) Sunday, Wednesday and today? Yeah. Smooth, I know. I’m blaming it on the preggo brain and the memory-sucking skills of the mini-Mason. I mean, HOW did I manage that one?? Seriously.

Well, the camera is now drying out down in the laundry room. Good news is, the area with the battery and memory card was bone dry (again, how?). So, you may get some photo updates out of me yet. Here’s to hoping.

(For my concerned mother, NO, I did NOT leave my fancy-shmancy Nikon in the rain).

The rock wall (left) and the garden bed beneath the Japanese Maple, pre-weeding. The BEFORE.

The AFTER. It's not perfect, but notice the lack of weeds?! (Taken from the opposite side of the rock wall this time).

The side of the rock wall that's to the house. The other side faces the golf course. The BEFORE. I haven't gotten an after yet (probably why the camera was still on the wall...helpful reminder).

This is the view from the golf course side. This is before Jon hung the hanging baskets for me. Again, no AFTER yet.

Oh, and in this last picture, if anyone can figure out if those bushes in front of the rock wall (what else do I call that thing?) are actually azaleas and how I’m supposed to care for them, that’d be awesome.

More soon,


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