Memorial Day Recap


I should SO have something interesting to put up here after a Memorial Day weekend. I used to live for this holiday weekend. The beginning of summer, the hope for warm weather that never came through, the drinking…ahh, the drinking.

But, this year our traditional girls weekend wasn’t scheduled on account of nearly everyone being preggo. And Jon and I managed to not go up to Higgins Lake, either. When his Mom said to me on the phone Friday morning, ‘there’s no heat so we were thinking of going up Saturday morning and getting the cabin open and working around the cabin’. So, yeah, the ‘no heat’ and the ‘work’ turned me right off of our Higgins Lake plans. We ended up heading to Detroit to Greektown Casino on Saturday with Jon’s brother Rick and his girlfriend Jen and Rick and Jon’s parents. We had Tigers tickets — great seats that Rick and Jen picked up that a.m. on StubHub. But, we were rained out, so we headed home. Of course, the Tigers and Red Sox played Sunday with Verlander pitching for Detroit and we didn’t make the trek back down there because we really didn’t want to get rained out again, which it seemed for sure like what would happen.


Anyway, Rick and Jen came over Sunday night and we hung out…Rick and Jon got the cable run for the TV in the kitchen and then yesterday (Monday) Jon and his dad got the TV mounted in the kitchen. Now that that room is put together, I don’t have an excuse for not cleaning it.

We also got new patio furniture, courtesy of my Mom & Dad as a housewarming gift. Got just what I wanted, so I’m pretty pumped about that. My Mom, Dad and Trev walked down last night and the five of us sat outside on the patio with drinks and enjoyed our new patio furniture. It was a great evening! I even MADE dinner. Hot dogs count as making dinner, right?

Have I mentioned here that Jon HATES Wal-Mart with a passion? Hates it. So yesterday it was waaaayyy easier to swing through Wal-Mart instead of driving all the way into town to go to VG’s and to Birch Run to the Meijer store. So, Wal-Mart it was. I had to strategically hide the bags and hope Jon would stay down in his man cave while I unpacked the three bags from the store. No such luck. Now that there’s a TV in the kitchen, I don’t think he minds the kitchen so much. Great for normal days, not when I’m trying to pull a fast one.

Anyway, he didn’t notice or didn’t mention it (I’m thinking he wasn’t that perceptive on the bags) and I quickly removed the tell-all Wal-Mart price tags from the items.

I splurged again last night and had ice cream. I had ice cream at the Tigers game on Saturday, too. I felt like everyone was drinking, I couldn’t, so what the hell, ice cream it was! Last night, it was just a moment of weakness. Whatever. It made me happy and I feel like I worked my butt off in the yard all day yesterday, so not feeling so bad about it.

Well, the camera is for sure dead so I’m going to have to come up with a new camera option and get some photos going on here. Reading without pictures can’t be any fun for you folks!

More soon,


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