One More Sleep – Can you Believe It?


It’s finally (almost) here already! One more sleep and I’ll know if this cantalope (that’s right, it’s a CANTALOPE this week) is a boy or a girl kind of fruit 🙂

Speaking of sleep — I am VERY tired again lately. Well, not like I was during the first trimester or anything, but almost like I’m overdoing it (I think I probably am) and I wear myself out. I did just take a brief cat nap this afternoon, and I’m going to see how that makes me feel. It wasn’t the best nap in the world, but at least I got some shut eye for a minute.

Everyone, it seems, believes that the mini is a boy. I don’t know. I’m just not convinced. I don’t know if it’s because I feel more at ease with the idea of a girl (I know what I’m getting into there) or what, but it’s weird that almost everyone has said boy. Could nearly everyone be wrong? For the record, I’m going to go with girl just to be different, though I don’t feel one way or another about the baby’s gender.

We are hosting the big “Gender Reveal” party on Friday. I moved all of the paint and project stuff into the baby room and the house is starting to come together a little bit. I would like to get some art work hung up in the entry way tonight when Jon gets home, have Jon get the garage organized so it’s not an embarassment to us both (there is just no place else to put crap) and get some grocery shopping done.

I had made a list in advance and even have it all in a cute little folder. However, I haven’t opened my list to check my progress (because I’ve made NONE) in two days so I’m fairly certain that I’m well behind schedule.

That’s alright, I’ve enlisted my Mom to help clean the toilets, bathrooms and floors after work tonight. Thank God for small favors – er, big big favors. I did get the decor hung in the upstairs bathroom today and did get the stuff hung on the office walls too, so those were both critical. Except for the fact that the bathroom is definitely only about 25% finished. But, whatever, I put lipstick on the pig and am calling it day. Not worrying about it further.

I just sent Jon a link to this article about “push presents”. If any of you need to drop hints on that one, there’s your article. Can I just say that I feel like a marriage proposal at the hospital before, during or after labor and delivery is just awful. I’ve witnessed it on A Baby Story and it didn’t set right with me. Not sure why, but it just did not. So, again, if anyone reads this that talk to Jon and wants to drop that hint…although…what would I really say if he asked then? No? I don’t know…it just seems tacky to me, like there are much, much bigger things going on in our world and that would take away from my personal enjoyment of all of those experiences. Beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.

Anyway…I can’t think of much else other than TOMORROW I’ll KNOW whether it’s a girl or boy kind of mini. I promise after tomorrow and the party on Friday I’ll be much, much better at writing about things that aren’t, well, only about the baby’s gender.

I shouldn’t promise that…



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