19 Weeks: Status Update

The baby is the size of a mango/cantalope! I bought two cantalope’s for tomorrow’s big Gender Reveal party. I also bought a watermelon which I think should be against the rules for a woman to do when pregnant. It’s like a cruel joke…we tell you how cute and tiny it is when it’s a mango, a sweet potato…heck, even a cantalope. And then, ta dah, WATERMELON. I just hate the visual sitting on my counter.

Guess what — today’s the day! I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited about finding out the mini Mason’s gender this afternoon! Literally, did not sleep very well. Was up every hour. This may have had something to do with Jon’s crank-ass mood last night and him taking some of the luster out of today’s big action. He did not wake up any friendlier (it was 4:15 a.m. when he was rolling out of bed) and I’m heading to the boy-girl ultrasound appointment by myself today. Awesome, just how I pictured it in my head…but it’ll be kind of fun to be the ONLY person in the world to know. Well, me and the ultrasound person. But they’re obligated by law to not tell.

Without further ado, a Week 19 status update.

Due Date: October 27, 2011. We’ll get a definitive answer on this one today with the for real ultrasound.

Baby Developments: Mini’s sensory development is exploding! Its brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.

Weight Gain: As a general rule, I don’t weigh myself. So, I’m not sure. I am certain I’ve put on weight…I’ve had to with the way the belly is starting to show…but most of my regular clothes are still pretty comfortable. Last weigh-in I was up a total of like 3ish pounds or so…but that’s not going to last long.

Cravings: None.

Symptoms: My body seems to get run down in a way I’m not prepared for or used to. Not that I’m terribly tired, but I can just tell that my body is ready for a breather. Some mild discomfort on that left rear-end side. Doctor said it’s unusual for the sciatic pain to be on the left, but not extraordinary.

I am loving: The nice weather we’re now having…if only the rain would just STOP already. Also loving that we’ll know the gender (I’ll know the gender) TODAY…In just six hours or so.

Sleep: Other than last night, great. Just with this party on Friday and finding out the gender today, I feel like there’s a lot on my mind. And with Jon’s crankiness at a higher level than normal, that stresses me out too.

I miss: Tying one on…I really wouldn’t mind that light headed thrill of a few drinks…you know the feeling. I miss that for sure. Also miss the idea of a body I was pseudo-comfortable in, in a bathing suit. But, I’ll get over that in a hurry hopefully. It’s going to get too hot to care.

I am looking forward to: Having the family and friends at our house tomorrow and hosting a fun party; announcing that the mini is a BOY or GIRL kind of baby. EVERYONE seems to say that mini is a BOY. I want it to be a girl JUST to prove everyone wrong. But, I honestly don’t care one way or the other. Jon just wants it to have arms (I’m hoping for legs, too…and 10 fingers and 10 toes and everything to be announced as ‘normal’. I’m hoping for placidly normal for now…then be extraordinary AFTER this crucial development time is done).

I am spazzing about: Party prep. I’m thinking it’s a man-thing that he doesn’t appreciate/understand the amount of planning that goes into hosting 50 or so people at your house. I wish that he was a little more helpful with this…but I guess this party and getting everyone together is important to me…not to him.

Best moment of the week: Getting the fabric samples of the bedding that Kathy put together for me; TODAY and the ultrasound; seeing friends and family tomorrow!

Milestones: Ultrasound today! And we’re pretty much HALF WAY there. It’s all surreal. I can’t believe that there will be a real live human being here, in our house, in like five months. Craziness. And to believe I’ve survived 50% of the process…I feel like it’s been a breeze, so I’m prepared if the final half isn’t.

Movement: Yup. Often. I think I’m supposed to keep track of how often…but they say at 24 weeks or so you should feel the baby every hour or so. Not sure. A question for next time.

It’s a….: girl or boy…in six hours.

Exercise: Working in the yard, hauling stuff up and down stairs, cleaning. Nothing legitimate though, but my body definitely seems to feel the proverbial burn.

Diet: Have had a few ice cream attacks in the last 10 days (2 or 3) but that’s it. Feel like I need to do a better job of eating small meals throughout the day instead of the moderate breakfast, HUGE lunch and small to nothing dinner I’ve become accustomed to lately.

Goals for the upcoming week: Buy cute outfits for the mini boy or girl Mason!

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