It’s A….

Wouldn’t you like to know?

I’d tell here early, but I know my Mom would somehow read it.

Yesterday’s appointment took a long time, but all is well and healthy and there are the right amount of all appendages, the heart and brain and spine are all in proper order, so we’re in good shape.

The baby moved the entire time during the ultrasound…and had its legs crossed, which meant changing positions for me, going to the bathroom (at which point the baby flipped to its tummy). BUT – I KNOW WHAT IT IS. And it makes it so, so much more real to me for some reason.

I’ve been in a rush getting all things together for the party. Need to go get the mac and cheese bake in the oven and get myself ready so I don’t look a mess. Will take pictures and, of course, post tonight or tomorrow.




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