Holy Presents – The Thank You Begins

So, Minnie Mason (don’t laugh, that could end up being her name) got a LOT of great gifts before anyone knew she was a she. Because I like that I did this earlier on, I’m going to keep trying to do it…when gifts come our way, I’m going to hopefully photo catalog them here. This way, I’ll know who the gifts came from and who to send a quick picture to when she wears the gift (or plays with it, but at this point, toys aren’t really top of shopping lists, let’s be honest).

These all came at the big Reveal party a week ago…we are SO lucky and fortunate to have the family that we have. They already love this little person SO much. I just had a moment in the closet where I went ‘oh shit, I think we have filled up as many days as there are between 6-9 months when it comes to outfits.

No. No way. The shopping continues.

Red photo book and "Sneak Peek" frame from Andrea, Frank and Devyn Gerzetich

Three super cute pajammers. One says "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" and the other has a bear on the butt!! Too cute. Thanks Bob & Sandy!

The Lovey - from Aunt Lori & Uncle Kim. So soft & cuddly -- and I threw it into my uber-cool diaper bag and it looks so freaking cute with its head sticking out the top. Minnie's gonna love it!

A combined baby-housewarming gift from John & Terri aka Clapper. A gift card to Bordine's -- think we'll put it toward a cool tree or something that will grow every year.

From my Grandma Carpenter...soon to be Great Grandma Carpenter. Can you tell how soft that white blankie is by looking at it? And some long-sleeved onesies. Perfect for Minnie's October arrival!

This outfit got the most 'awwwws' last Friday night. You can't see all the details, but there are even little white bows on the ankles of the pants. The little white top is TOO cute and the matching sweater?! And the pink shoes?! Aunt Linda and the Rhodes' hedged their bets and chose pink-only. They got us the awesome Mandevilla on the back patio, too!

From Minnie's Uncle Trevor (weird!). He recorded himself reading it -- it's too cute! For the record...have to purchase different books than Goodnight Moon. This is our second copy!

This blankie came from my friend at work, Suzanne. It's super soft fleece. Suzanne's got two girls -- ages 2 and 4 - and says these sorts of blankets are great to be able to throw in a bag or on the ground and go. Thanks Suz!

Ok, I couldn't not shop. So, the following day my Mom and I went up to the outlets in Birch Run. Shopped only the clearance racks for 9 month stuff. The jacket on the left is my fave! The little Gap outfit in the middle is SO summery and the Nautica dress on the right...well, why not. It's pink and white and it was on SALE.

In shopping for Jon's birthday yesterday at the Polo outlet in Birch Run, I stopped by the Clearance rack in the kids store (the stores are conveniently connected). Somehow, everything on my bill was an ADDITIONAL 50% off (I made friends with the sales associate). So, pink pants and green top...white sweater? Yes. Purple gingham-looking dress with white collar and matching panties (or whatever you call those things). Yes to that too. Happy Birthday to Minnie's Dad!

This doesn’t even include the Housewarming Gifts we got — a cool fire pot from Aunt Jill & Uncle Mike (and the other Goodnight Moon from Aunt Jill) and some additional bulbs for the yard from Uncle Mike. New white azalea plants from Rick & Jen, the Mandevilla from the Rhodes’ and a JCPenney gift card from Bob & Sandy!! Or the super sweet bird feeder from Aunt Lori & Uncle Kim. I need to post pics of those things, because they are really cool.

We are SO lucky to have such great family and friends. This is, of course, in addition to the housewarming gifts from our parents. The office furniture from Jon’s Dad, the kitchen TV from Jon’s Mom, the patio furniture and umbrella from my Mom & Dad.

What a perfect existence…just waiting for our Minnie!

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