A First for The Day…

Well, today I was asked by some employees at one of my accounts if there wasn’t something I wanted to tell them… They are some of my favorite employees at one of my best accounts (hello, Decatur, Illinois!) and it was just really cute/funny the way they did it. It’s the shirt I’m wearing today. When I choose it out of the bag I packed this a.m., I did not realize that it has the forbidden preggo tie-back thing. My Mom & Dad picked up the top for me when they were in Mexico…and it’s SUCH a pregoo shirt…can’t believe I didn’t change, but I was committed this morning.

Anyway, they asked if there was something I wanted to tell them…so I said yes, I was having a baby and she’s a girl! and I showed them her picture on my phone (she really is so cute).

It was a moment that totally caught me off guard but it was so nice. As some of you know, I tend to get down on the fact that I don’t have an office or real co-workers these days (for the last two years, really) because I work alone a lot. It just really meant a lot to me that these employees thought enough of me to be involved in my life and to be so happy for me. That was a cool moment. It didn’t hurt that when I told them I was almost six months (22 weeks, 3 days) they couldn’t believe it (yeah, me either).

In honor of the folks here, here’s a shot of campus I took walking in the morning:

One of my favorite campuses to visit - the staff and the program at Millikin are great!

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