Just Find Out You’re Pregnant? Here’s My (Midway) List of Things To Know

So, I was thinking this morning of things that someone should tell you when you’re JUST pregnant. So, here’s a list of some number…

1. Your face is going to break out. A lot. So, purchase the good facewash. Try Belli. The facewash and the belli elasticity oil are awesome and I recommend. The SPF face lotion isn’t worth the purchase.

2. Sign up for the discount sites totsy.com and zulily.com. There are some good deals and if you recommend to friends and THEY purchase, you get credits in your account. There are often stores you wouldn’t normally hear about, so you get exposed to lots of different, relatively-well-priced children’s boutiques.

3. As noted in #1, your face is going to break out. And that is a bummer. And the ‘pregnancy glow’ that they talk about often doesn’t set in until much later in pregnancy when your blood levels are higher, etc. SO – purchase the Jergens Healthy Glow for Face lotion. So worth it and you can purchase it at your local Rite-Aid/Walgreens/Meijer/Walmart. I wouldn’t go with the Jergens all over lotion — it gets streaky – but the face lotion is totally worth it. My tip here is to make sure you rub it into your ears and hairline so that it doesn’t look fake and make sure you get it down your neck, too. But, this makes it look like you have a ‘healthy preggo glow’ and you’re totally faking it without tanning!

4. If you enjoy a cocktail (like me) then consider finding a good alternative to take with you to parties or to have when your girlfriends are enjoying their glass of wine. A most recent discovery is Fuze Peach Mango with Squirt or Diet Squirt (or SunDrop). It makes a great drink. Throw some cherries into it to make it more fruity/summery/cocktail-ish. It’s a nice relieft from water-only.

5. Get the support of a site like babyfit.com. It’s So worth it. You do NOT have to gain a TON of weight. You’re going to gain weight, but you can stay in control of it or at least in charge of your fitness. And it will get tough. But – the fitness part is a good way to go.

6. Keep signing up for random sites you find. Why not. You get a lot of emails (so maybe create a specific email for this pregnancy only) but they’re worth reading through. Plus, you get lots of tips and hints and you find access to lots of different websites, deals and communities of support.

7. Don’t hesitate to begin your registry NOW. You get a lot of help from the sites. My favorite is amazon.com and their Mom package. But – Babies R Us is good, Buy Buy Baby is good, too (but pricey). This will help others if they want to purchase items for you early and if IF something should happen and you go on bed rest or have the baby early, you need to have a shopping list for someone else to head out to the store with.

8. Your family may be terribly generous like mine and Jon’s. Which is AWESOME, right? But, remember, this pregnancy is about YOU and becoming a Mom. Don’t let others ‘bully’ or push you around on what you should do/shouldn’t do. If there are family members that offer to purchase items for you, TAKE CONTROL of the situation. You’re going to have to look at/use the stroller/crib/glider/artwork/nursery bedding for YEARS so make sure it’s what YOU like.

9. Don’t worry about work stuff SO much. As much as I just said to take control of the situation above, the work situation will be what it will be. Maybe you get a lot of paid time off, maybe you don’t get any. It’s the life we’ve chosen for ourselves (and we do choose it). Don’t worry over the work part so much!

10. Books are your friend, certainly. But…What to Expect When You’re Expecting can be a scary read if you get obsessed with the what-ifs. The Hot Mom To Be Handbook is a fun read and I’ve been digging that. Also, buy a book for your man. “A Dad’s Guide to Surviving Pregnancy” is one that Jon has actually read. And don’t over-choose for your guy. Pick one or two and see how he reacts…then move on from there.


Ok, that’s what I’ve got for now. Go forth and enjoy pregnancy!


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