Linea Who??

Ok, every communication I’ve received today/this week with regards to my pregnancy/my body is telling me the linea nigra should be/have appeared by now.

I’m waiting in horror of this.

I mean, a dark brown/black line that suddenly appears down the middle of one’s stomach?

What is that about?

I keep thinking ‘maybe it won’t happen to me’ but I know I’m just wishful thinking. I mean, it makes me think I’m being ripped apart from the inside out and the first signs to show this is the linea nigra line down the middle of my belly (which, again, for the record, has NOT happened yet).

Three posts in one day – this is a record, folks. But I’m digging the quick little hits of stream-of-consciousness I’ve got going today.

Andrea said last night to write down/catalog EVERYTHING because even though she has two weeks until Drew’s delivered, she’s already forgotten a lot about earlier on in her pregnancy.

So, brace yourselves for more, rather than less, posts from this baby brain.



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