Father’s Day


Jon’s a Dad…well, almost. Although, he says he isn’t.

Despite this fact, I got him a Father’s Day present (and in spite of the fact that he did not get me a Mother’s Day present, which I still take as a personal affront, truly).

I got him this SWEET Oakley backpack — it’s called the Kitchen Sink. The thing has so many nooks and crannies to store baby-related gear (and room for your own stuff, too). I did a bunch of digging to find out the best backpack for dads that’s NOT a diaper bag. And, this kept coming up. Lucky for me, Jen (Jon’s brother’s girlfriend) works for Oakley and was able to nab one for me in time.

I loaded it up with:

Rattles & Toys
Diaper Cream
Baby Powder
Baby Lotion
Sippy Cup & Spoons (for older, but just for effect)
Three extra onesies
Burp clothes

The thing is seriously awesome.

Here’s the manufacturers pic:

So, Jon liked it (I think) and I feel like I really like it either way…so we’re good to go on the man-bag for dad front.

Happy Father’s Day, Jon!

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